power outage

  1. D

    How to get clean power from an emergency generator

    I just bought a Predator 4375 starting watts generator from Harbor Freight. It is not an inverter generator. What, specifically, would I need to put between the generator and my equipment to get clean, non-damaging power? I want to operate a 6.5 amp refrigerator/freezer (780 watts), an LED...
  2. S

    Can't connect to the internet

    Last night the power went out at my college 3 times in quick succession, and I was on my laptop at the time. I was connected to the internet via Ethernet, but was doing offline stuff. This morning I woke up to find that I couldn't connect to any of the 3 wifi services on campus, or connect with...
  3. EhsanKhan

    PC reboots on power outage even with (new) UPS!!

    My pc (sometimes) shuts down for a fraction of second and then restarts at time of power outage (most of the time the reboot occur when power comes back to UPS after the outage). The most weird thing happening is that when I switch off the electric supply of UPS (ie. where UPS is connected to...