power saver mode

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    Dell desktop

    My desktop is stuck power safe mode and dont know how to get out of it
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    PC build boots to power save until I unplug my Graphics Card

    I've recently built a new PC and triple checked that all parts were compatible. When I turn the system on, it runs perfectly fine (including the graphics card fans) but displays a box saying "Power Save Mode" on my Lenovo monitor. When I unplug the PCI-E plug from the Graphics Card and turn the...
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    Turned Secure boot mode on, Monitor stopped displaying

    Hey guys, I'm new here and need immediate help. I did something stupid, I admit that. My PC is a dell optiplex 3020 with 4GBs of Ram, 2GB Nvidia geforce 620, windows 10. 2 days ago the PC was stuck on 'restarting', so I force shut down it. After that when I turned it on, It said 'Installing...