power surge

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    Need help with Dell Inspiron i660-4035BK

    Recently a power surge went through my extension cord when I plugged in a cord extension it turned of my computer and when I started it up it got through the dell loadup and started the windows 7 load-up but then after the logo played its animation the logo stopped glowing in and out as it does...
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    USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port

    Hey, so my mouse stopped working. After couple of minutes so did my keybord and internet. I tried to restart the PC couple of times, it didn't fix anything, but now my PC started to restart itself after 1-5minutes of turning it on. I went to computer repair shop, they said my power supply was...
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    Solved Computer will not show any signs of power.

    Hello, sorry if I put this in the wrong section, I'm new to all of this as I've never had anything wrong with my pc. I don't really know much about them either and I've tried everything I can. I turned my pc on today, everything was working fine, I got up really fast not realizing my usb port...
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    Solved Mom's Computer is Fried....

    My mother has—er, had—a Dell Inspiron 660 computer which she bought about two years ago. Well, a couple of weeks back there was a power glitch and, long story short, the computer is fried. (I've been urging her to use a UPS for years, but she didn't even have a surge protector....) When we start...
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    Turning off PSU during storms.

    Hi, I was just wondering if turning off my PSU would protect against power surges. I don't currently have a surge protector and there a lot of violent storms in my area. For now, I've just been unplugging my power strip. Thanks.
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    Power Surge - now my USB ports are not working

    I had a power surge, and this caused my motherboard USB ports to stop working: there was no power being given by them. My case USB ports, however, were still working. I thought, because my PSU was quite old, I should get a new PSU, and I did. Unfortunately, this did not work. I have tried many...