1. Williamh11

    PC won't turn on - Power surge

    My electricity was turned off and on. And now my Pc won't start. What is the most likely component that has broken
  2. Frankenbot

    Computer Starts but monitors, keyboard, and mouse don't

    On occasion my computer after being shut off will have issues starting back up. The computer itself seems to start well enough with lights and fans starting up but neither monitor, keyboard, or mouse is functional with the mouse and keyboard appearing appearing to not be getting any power. I've...
  3. Markhz

    Laptop restarts on lid close instead of sleep?

    Hello, I've recently been having trouble with my laptop (Asus model Q302LA) shutting down when the lid is closed (or restarting when it is opened?) rather than sleeping. I have gone into sleep settings and Power Button settings, and all actions (close lid, press power button) set to "Sleep". In...
  4. Markhz

    laptop refuses to sleep, always restarts on lid close

    Hello, I've recently been having trouble with my laptop (Asus model Q302LA) shutting down when the lid is closed (or restarting when it is opened?) rather than sleeping. I have gone into sleep settings and Power Button settings, and everything is set to "Sleep". In Advanced Power Settings, I've...
  5. P

    Solved I Think that Norton Power Eraser may have Harmed my PC

    I used NPE and it detected something in my registry that needed fixing. After the process was finished, my computer started running real slow. I screened the results. Is my computer sick? Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit...
  6. M

    laptop just shut off

    I have an old gateway laptop. it was just on. I was hooking up a drawing tablet screen from xppen when the laptop just shut off and won't turn on again. I took the battery out, unplugged the power source and held the button down for at least a minute. nothing is working. help me please.
  7. G

    LED indicator keeps blinking and system does not start

    LED indicators on the side with power symbol(refer image) keeps on blinking and the system does not start when started from sleep mode. What's the reason and what that LED blinking means? Laptop model: HP 15-ac047TU Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft...
  8. E

    Help with power

    My laptop has power as the light is on, obviously the plug also. Just no power at all? Thanks in advance!
  9. T

    Solved Use pc without ups through direct main power!!!

    Dear friends, My current ups is nonfunctional and so I inserted the plug of my monitor, speaker and power supply respectively in the individual sockets of multi plug which is itself connected to the main power socket attached to wall of my room. Will this new arrangement harm my pc, its...
  10. M

    Acer Aspire 3 Not Powering on

    Hi I have a Acer aspire 3 the problem is that its power button is not working but when I keep pressing space bar it turns on and when I release it shuts down
  11. akumaroo

    pc doesn't start or starts hardly after plugged in

    So i have a Pc which is kinda old , bt it was working great , and it does now . but my problem is , when i unplug it , then if i wanna start , it wont , or will after a couple of failures , like it turns off after 2 sec , after 10 sec , after 15 sec , then after bout 15 mins of struggle it will...
  12. M

    Charging/power source to audio??

    Long story short, I'm trying to look for an audio cable that goes from USB female to 3.5mm female, and the closest thing I found was some PLUSPOE wire kit on Amazon. It had what I needed, except the main part of it was an Ethernet wire that had a see-through end on it. That is not what I need...
  13. SlickStretch

    AC causing computer with UPS to go to sleep?

    Sometimes when the air conditioner in my window kicks on, my PC goes to sleep. Why? The PC is using a UPS. (APC Back-UPS 600) Shouldn't it prevent this? PowerChute says it has switched over to battery a few times due to electrical noise. I'm assuming that's when the AC kicked on and the PC went...
  14. L

    Power Supply Working Outside of Case, No Power In Case

    I have two systems, an Optiplex 790 and another PC with a A68HM-Plus board and a A8-7690k. The power supply that came with that system (bit of a scrapyard wars build) is working fine now, computer is booted up as I type this. However, I'm having an issue with my Optiplex system that I've not had...
  15. P

    PC wont boot up after installing new PSU

    I was having problems with my PSU (it would switch my pc off if i would try to load a game up and making a grinding noise) so i buy a new PSU and install it all correct and my PC wont turn on it spins a fan and flashes a led for miliseconds but does nothing. so i thought maybe a faulty PSU so i...
  16. K

    Custom Built PC will not turn on

    I’m building a PC and have finished assembling. However when I go to turn it on it does not work. PSU connectors are all correctly placed and the PSU is on.
  17. I

    RCA TV Troubles

    My 40" RCA TV has recently decided that it doesn't enjoy turning on. Whether by the remote, power button, universal remote app, nothing was working. Then, I tried moving it and plugged it into a wall socket and it had no issues turning on via the power button one time. Just to double check I...
  18. X

    GPU won't use full power/voltage

    GPU: GTX 980 CPU: I7 3440k Motherboard: GIGABYTE (don't remember the excact model) RAM: Kingston 8GB DDR3 (Single) PSU: 650W PSU (53Dollars) Windows 10 Pro retail clean install (I literally installed it) GPU Driver: 419.xx clean install Description of Problem: I haven't played games for a...
  19. S

    Acer aspire laptop refuses to boot. Receives power.

    My Acer aspire laptop has been refusing to boot up at all. No charging light, a Black screen, and no running sounds but when I leave it plugged in both the cord block and laptop begin to gradually heat up as if it was on and running. I tried a battery reset with no progress. Any advice is helpful.
  20. C

    I turn my PC on but nothing turns on but the fans

    As the title says. It's a new gaming PC and nothing works like it was yesterday. It worked for like 4 boots. Now it wont connect to anything(my monitor, keyboard and mouse) and the fans go like double the speed