powerline adapter

  1. JeriKnight

    Powerline Adapter "Ethernet" not have a valid IP config

    I just got my powerline adapter and I connected one side to my router's lan port. Then onto the wall in the living room. I have the other side in my room, same thing but the ethernet cable is connected to my pc. The lights on the powerline adapters are all one. It's the PLI 4052 adapter. I've...
  2. E

    Intermittent Internet Connection

    I have a Windows 10 PC running on a wired connection using powerline adapters, one connected to my PC and the other to our modem. The connection drops at seemingly random times and will stay that way until I wait long enough or manually reset the connection by unplugging/replugging one of the...
  3. A

    Powerline Adapter Question

    So I'm moving in with 4 internet users and a wireless connection is the only way as the router is downstairs in the hallway. My question is would there be a difference with 1 reciever connecting to 4 wireless connections or using 2 recievers to connect to 2 wireless connections each? Would this...
  4. I

    Powerline Adapters?

    Hi there, Have a situation where my modem is in a different room to my PC. I am currently using my laptop and sharing its internet with my PC for access. This is causing a lot of problems in regards to networking and port forwarding. Has anyone used powerline adapters? Are they reliable? Cheers!