powerline adaptor

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    Powerline and WIFI inquiry

    Hi there, I own a D-link DHP-307AV powerline network adapter and I had a quick question regarding its properties. The router in the house I am currently living in is setup on the main floor; I have directly connected the powerline network adapter into it via Ethernet port. The second adapter...
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    Powerline Adapter Medium Data Transfer

    I have had powerline adapters set up for quite a few months now, but only recently have started to have this problem. I have my powerline adapter set up like this, router > adapter, adapter > access point, access point > PC. All connected via CAT 6 ethernet cables, however i have noticed a...
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    Unidentified network, using TPLink Powerline adaptor

    I have always connected to the internet via this powerline adaptor (http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/TL-PA4010.html) which is connected to my home network. Has been working smoothly for months. Yesterday the net was being unstable (intermittent disconnects) so I plugged it out and back...