preparing automatic repair

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    Preparing Automatic Repair

    Hello, When starting my computer it begins startup as usual then goes to a blue screen of death saying "inaccessible boot device". The screen then goes black and states "Preparing Automatic Repair", then does nothing. I've tried booting it in WinRE by force powering it off then starting it then...
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    ASUS wont boot, black screen

    Hello, I'm using an Asus notebook X550Z laptop running windows 10 and it will no longer boot. the battery is likely toast; it won’t hold a charge and I had to keep it plugged in to operate. I had no issues otherwise until one day I went to boot the laptop and it got stuck on the ASUS screen...
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    Preparing Automatic Repair leads to a black screen

    Hello, I've booted my ASUS desktop yesterday (April 19 2020) and I was greeted with the "Preparing Automatic Repair". I decided to wait for like 10-15 mins for it to process it and ended up in a black screen with my mouse and keyboard's LEDS lighting. I usually keep my graphics card driver up to...
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    Toshiba blank screen

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C50D-A-13G laptop. I have had it for around 2 years and recently the battery life has started depleting but the last couple of weeks the screen wouldnt come on with power up every so often then the other day i turned it on and it wouldn't boot and kept saying...
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    Stuck on preparing automatic repair screen or BSOD

    I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 and since then when I've been switching it on, it will either go straight to the preparing automatic repair screen, or sometimes a BSOD with various error messages and then onto repair screen. I tried to boot it from a USB stick with Windows 10 on and it just...
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    "Preparing Automatic Repair" loop on Samsung Ativ book 8 tou

    Earlier today, I noticed that my laptop wasn't automatically adjusting its screen brightness. I often fixed this recurring problem by putting the laptop in a state where the screen would turn off. I decided to quick press the power button to quickly put my laptop into sleep mode. However, the...