1. 0

    Solved How to select and print portion of chart received in email?

    Hello, and thanks for reading and especially responding to my question! On my iMac, I opened an email with a chart, and want to select only a portion of it to print. I’d just like to delete three columns on the right side. However, I can’t seem to select just part of the chart, and when I paste...
  2. N

    keep printed documents” re-enabling itself

    We have Windows Server 2016 as a print server with roughly 8 printers of various makes (Ricoh, HP, Konica), most of which are deployed via GPO. A few months ago the 'jobs in queue' started filling up after jobs are printed. We disable the 'Keep printed documents' option and clear the queues and...
  3. R

    printer cut off the bottom part of page when printing

    i recently bought a canon pixma g2010. the first prints were fine when for the next prints, whenever i print a page, there is this space above the paper and on the bottom it just cuts off. its like the whole document was just dragged down. i've checked the page layout and printer properties...
  4. Alchemi

    Print attachments from MS Access

    Hello, I've put together a joint system between HR and myself to where they enter in basic employee information and I keep track of their training in the Quality program. Now we don't have competing systems, we can actually do safety programs, and I will finally be able to keep track of...
  5. L

    Mac won't print in colour.

    My mac (os 10.13, but also same issue before updating) will only print in black and white using our samsung printer c480w when connected via usb cable (there is no colour option in the print window). I have also tried installing it using wifi/airprint and the mac then recognises it able to print...
  6. L

    Word not printing specific document

    A document I created several weeks ago and have printed several times before, suddenly decided to stop printing yesterday! EVERYTHING else printed (other microsoft documents, internet documents, etc.). I tried opening a new document and copying & pasting the information and eventually learned...
  7. N

    problem when print

    I new bought Samsung printer..and i install successful and its driver. Its print test..but i cannot print the page it show error "serious error occures.application would be shutdown".. Please help how to print..
  8. M

    Print always take documents folder file path instead of cust

    I am using this to print the existing pdf documents but it is always taking c drive documents folder to create the file not the path given by me. Either I don't know the process or may be some issue in code can some help me to understand this. namespace PrintPdfFile { public class...
  9. S

    Outlook won't print

    I'm using Mozilla, Windows 10 & Outlook. Until a few weeks ago I could print any email I wished via the (...) and drop down list "print" button. For the last 3-4 weeks, when trying to print using the above standard method, I get a pop up box which says "Something went wrong and we can't sign...
  10. Kedit

    Printing Calendar Details in Outlook

    I want to print the details of Outlook calendar meetings - the location and start time - when printing the monthly calendar view. I can do that on my XP machine but not on my W7 machine - it prints only the start time but not the location. I can't find any settings in Outlook that are turned on...
  11. T

    Printing Pinterest Pins-Enlargement

    Hello All, :) I have a question about printing my Pinterest pins. I have saved the pins as an image but when I go to print them they are only in the 4x6 format. I even tried printing them at a CVS photo kiosk and they wouldn't let me enlarge them any bigger. Does anyone know how to enlarge the...