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    I feel sketched out

    Ok, I bought a used desktop off amazon. Windows 10 pro. Intel core i5-2400. 8gb ram.64 bit operating system. Weird thing is when I first booted it up, it already had a user named 'Admin'- I didn't get to set it up myself I found that very weird so I tried to reset it, to wipe and reinstall...
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    amazon access

    when I want to go to I get this message Your connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more. NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID Help improve Chrome security by sending...
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    Windows 10 Privacy Concerns - Fact or Fiction?

    So given that Microsoft is going to stop support for Windows 7 in nine months, I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and get Win10. Of course, I've heard a fair amount of the privacy concerns, and doing a fair amount of googling just now hasn't cleared everything up, as I hear different things from...
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    Is my boss is accessing microphone on my work laptop?

    My boss sometimes seems to know what I have talked about to my friends in my home. I do not see my boss even weekly, and have no personal contact. Yet he sometimes brings up topics that I discussed with my friend the night before, in my home. I know the boss has text tracker on my work cell...
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    Could Virtual Reality videos spy on your smartphone camera?

    If one watches a Virtual Reality video using a smartphone without headsets, could he be spied on via camera?
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    Prevent Facebook Snooping???

    Disabling Facebook Cookies MY GOAL: I do not want Facebook to receive personally identifiable cookie information when I am logged out of Facebook under my Google Chrome web browser. I do not want cookies associated with the web browser of Facebook to remain active after I have log-out of...
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    How does Windows transmit data from my computer to Microsoft?

    Hi, I am a whistle blower living in the US. I've leaked a lot of information about the ethical violations going on in my company, it's legal, but could be very dangerous for me. In case this seems familiar, I agreed to have my friend post this because I didn't have an established account. But...
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    Not a Private connection?

    I'm trying to go to but it keeps telling me my connection isn't private or secure, It started happening yesterday and it's frustrating because I need to get into my email. Anyone who can help? It's not a problem with my date and time either, even though it is an hour ahead all the...