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  1. D

    All window 10 application has a pause on it

    i'm mainly trying to figure out how to un-pause my window explorer....every time i open it its says something about virtual machine...but i have a virtual box does that matter or make a difference ? if someone can please help
  2. Q

    LAN and/or USB Wifi not working! Please Help!

    Please Help! When I run the troubleshooter it gives me the "There may be a problem with the (Adapter) driver" and when I try and fix it comes up with the message, Windows cant automatically bind the ip stack protocol. I have tried three different LAN cables and all the different ports of my...
  3. B

    Atkex_cmd.exe has stopped working

    Im getting this error when I start my computer recently I dont know why I get this error I let my father borrow the computer one day and this happens.