1. K

    Problems after PC Reset

    Ok, so I tried to reset my pc and once it reset and did whatever it had to do, problems arose. I boot up my laptop and it states, "The computer restarted unexpectantly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click 'OK' to restart the computer...
  2. V

    Iphone to appletv only bass sound

    When i play anything directly from apple tv (netflix, hbo etc.) through the receiver The surround system works fine. When i try to play spotify, youtube or anything else from iphone through apple tv, only the subwoofer plays. I have tried resetting the receiver and unplugging everything.
  3. M

    Computer won't power on?

    Hello everyone, I am having a serious problem with my desktop PC here. Last night it was working just fine, but today it won't power on, or at least, not for any longer than for less than a second. No thunderstorms or anything of the sorts happened recently. When I try to power on the PC, the...
  4. S

    Audio Issue with selected programs

    I have an audio issue where the audio will crackle and sound really static/robotic. However it only seems to be this way for certain programs. In chrome certain YouTube videos will have this issue and others won't. Also twitch in chrome has this problem. However twitch in Firefox the audio is...
  5. H

    Logitech g29 steering wheel performance issues in Grid 2

    I use windows 10 and recently bought two games for my sister (Grid 2 and Dirst 3), which were on the list with the possibility of playing on the Logitech g29 steering wheel. Despite this, both games do not read the steering wheel, and after many attempts several times I managed to connect it...
  6. M

    My Computer Freezes Randomly

    so this problem has been annoying me for quite some time now and i have no clue what to basically my computer freezes randomly with no apparent reason,i have tried a lot of solutions but nothing works...i actually think it might be because of my power supply but why would it malfunction...
  7. Z

    Solved Bios automatically opens and can’t get through it.

    Alright, so I have a really unusual problem. When I open my pc it automatically goes into the BIOS menu and it’s stuck there, I can move the mouse button and stuff but I can’t get out of the BIOS if I restart the pc it does the same thing. I’ve never touched the inside of my pc it just...
  8. Kotol420

    Marking icons on desktop on W10 looks like on W XP

    I restored my computer and then cracked some boosting application and i did something i deleted trash trought that app and now I got new problem that i had once and idk how to fix that (i restored my pc again first time) but now i want to know how to do it by another, more usefull way. So, the...
  9. A

    Can't run any program

    Actually I can run SOME programs but not all. I cant open regedit, cmd, chrome and so much more important apps. I tried to downgrade my pc from a bootable usb but the problem is, it cant run any program! even the windows installer or the setup.exe! please somebody help me. If you can't...
  10. M

    Instagram not working

    Instagram desnt let me post new pictures as well as load pictures, but only on my profile. The ones on my feed and stories load just fine. I treid logging in on my computer, but I have the same problem there. I tried logging out and back in, reinstalling, turning off my phone, clearing cache...
  11. N

    Solved New PC: Very specific audio problem

    Hey, just got a new pc and I've tried troubleshooting but I'm at a loss already. Any tips and suggestions are appreciated. I might have missed out something obvious, so please point them out! Problem: Everytime I put my earpiece (EDIT: Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear M2 IEi, tested with another...
  12. D

    Small transparent box on my monitors screen

    A few weeks ago i noticed a small box on the bottom left of my monitor, it is not related to windows and it happens when i use my ps4 or my PC, so the issue is my monitor. BUT i have no idea how to fix it, i have tried using different cables, i have tried resetting all my visual options on the...
  13. B

    PC closes instantly for unknown reasons

    Hello there. I've been trying to fix my computer for days and looks like I'm out of options. Well, that's why I'm here! So please leave your thoughts about this case. I've been using my computer for years and this never happened to me once. As I mentioned at the title, while playing 3D games...
  14. B

    Multiple BSODs

    Hi, this is my first post and my last hope. Ive been facing Bsod regulary since 1 Week about 40 in total. I have no clue why they are happening and why its always a different thing causing them. (The Bsod occur randomly, no specific time after boot or a specific software im using. Sometimes the...
  15. A

    Anyone know what this cable is?

    Trying to find this cable but have no idea the name just the picture
  16. K

    Desktop Oddities

    My desktop has decided, for some reason, to behave in a way I didn't expect. Last week, when I last used it, it was acting fine. Since then, I have left it off, in my truck, because I typically take it with me to work on wednesday. Now, I've brought it in, set it up, and it is behaving very...
  17. L

    Solved USB not reading

    Hi, I have a USB I am trying to use for a boot drive for my computer. But I have to put some files on it first. When I plugged it in, it wouldn't read. I checked Device Manager, and opened properties on the device. It says " Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a...
  18. M

    Loud volume adjusted beeping then shutdown

    So I have an Erazer x7843 laptop. It’s worked brilliantly for two years, but when I turned it on two days ago, there was a loud beeping sound, accompanied by the caps and num lock flashing upon startup. After about a minute, the laptop shut down. This has happened every time I’ve trued to start...
  19. P

    Need more space

    I unistalled Chrome thinking Edge would work in its place. But nope. Now i have no space to reinstall after. Now i have no browser to even retrieve my email from Gmail. I am using my cell phone to be part of this forum. I bought the computer a fee years ago. It had only 30 Gig space. But found...
  20. T

    Connections issues

    hi, anyone here know what to do with internet connection issues? basically ive got a new pc , and it has full connection to the wifi and or ethernet then through out the day it disconnects every few mins , meaning my game(runescape) disconnects all the time and i cant play when it disconnects it...