1. T

    Solved Program UI's suddently stops working

    Hallo Tech Support Guy Members After i build my new PC, i have experienced some wierd errors, and it sucks since it is the most expensive PC i've ever built. I have experienced the UI to stop work shortly after i've started the program. The programs i've experienced the issue with is...
  2. R

    Help! Asrock mobo error need help!!

    (Specs at very end) Hello I hope I can get some help with my pc I just built. It won’t post. Everything is lighting up, all fans are spinning and even the pump is on. I have a Asrock board with dr debug and it is showing a A2 which is a “problem related to IDE or SATA devices”. I have tried...
  3. S

    Solved Monitor right side pink wavey, again! help

    S230HL acer monitor. using VGA (lcd with led technology or sumthin) I bought it, i came home, plugged in power adapter, there was this pink hue and waves going down in the right side (its almost unnoticiable in white, very noticable in black and dark colors)...
  4. T

    Troubleshooting slow network speeds (FTTH)

    Hi, I got my Fiber line installed about 2 months ago. The offer I pay for says 1Gbits/s down and 200Mbits up. Naturally, I've never even gotten close to those speeds. At first, when the guy did his thing, I didn't have an Ethernet cable on hand (despite being a network and IT student...I know...
  5. T

    Laptop problem

    So the problem that I am having is really weird and I could never find anyone else with this problem also. Sometimes my laptop screen just freezes and only continues to work when I move my mouse. Once I stop moving my mouse my screen freezes. I don't know how this happened. The only solution I...
  6. B

    Problem switching graphics cards on old alienware

    hello, I have an old Alienware Aurora r4 and I'm trying to change my Gtx 690 4GB graphics card for a Gtx 1070 Ti 8GB. However, when my new card arrived and I changed it, my computer would stop from booting, as soon as I urn it on the all I can see is the Alienware logo with the press F2 boot...
  7. L

    Loud laptop

    So I turned on my laptop, logged in with my password and the second after that it started to made really loud noises and probably woke up everyone in the house... It kinda sounded like a lawnmower, or a car engine. Don't know an exact example of the sound but it sounded horrible and I knew...
  8. S

    Solved Ethernet not working

    Hello. Ive ran into a problem which i pretty much caused myself, i tried to update my ethernet drivers in the device manager but i fatfingered it and pressed uninstall device (yup, clicked twice even to it warned since im dumb) Now that i tried to reinstall it, it just presents a yellow triangle...
  9. C

    New Selecting everything to the right

    If I click on the url to type I can't it highlights the fav tab straight away, does not open on but just keeps jumping to it, when I watch films and my pc and I click in the middle of the screen you can see all the taps it has in the media player highlight all the way to the right again. My pc...
  10. W

    Shift + Caps Lock Not Working

    In most of my games a have a keybind set to CAPS, this is a problem because usually I have sprint set to Shift, and while I'm holding shift, the action I have Caps set to will not work. It will work when I am not holding shift though, so I'm wondering If I can find a way to fix this issue, thanks.
  11. T

    Cannot install windows 10

    Hi,, I have an ASUS GL503V and i cannot install windows. When i try to install it gives me the following error: "Windows cannot be installed to the disk.This computers hardware may not support booting to the disk.Ensure that the disks controller is enabled in the computers BIOS menu". I would...
  12. C

    Computer suddenly sucks after 2 months

    My pc is newly build worked perfectly for 3 months after gaming for a long time with lag. I finally have a pc that plays with 0 lag but now after 2 months it started doing this on the video I posted. With EVERY video game sometimes I have even gotten blue screen or my games freeze I get a broken...
  13. J

    HP 15 notebook boot image did not autenthicate

    hi guys, can I ask u how to fix hp 15 notbook boot image did not authenticate problem ,without personal file removal,thanks
  14. W

    Screen goes to Standby WIndows 10

    Both my screen sometimes go to standby mode. i have AMD graphics and winodws 10 installed. This problem occured right after reseting all my Windows 10 data. i never had that before. I tried: -get the newest driver -uninstall all graphic drivers and THEN get the newest Driver could it be...
  15. W

    Having a weird external disk causing problems

    In my computer i got two hardrives, one SSD and one SSHD, When i check in disks it sais that i have a third one. Though i dont have a USB or a external disk. The "disk" is about 450mb and it sais it's full. Every 3 minutes a warning message pops up saying it is full. This causes me to pop out of...
  16. iamciarae

    Computer won't load log-in page

    Hello, I was editing a video and the program froze for a long while so I decided to restart my laptop normally as it usually works. But this time as my laptop restarted, it showed the brand of the laptop as normal and as it got to the next section which was the log in it couldn't load. All I see...
  17. Q

    LAN and/or USB Wifi not working! Please Help!

    Please Help! When I run the troubleshooter it gives me the "There may be a problem with the (Adapter) driver" and when I try and fix it comes up with the message, Windows cant automatically bind the ip stack protocol. I have tried three different LAN cables and all the different ports of my...
  18. R

    speakers crackling sound

    my speakers have static and crackling sound. when i restart the problem is solved, but when i do not shut down and turn it on the problem comes back. does 18042prt have to do with this?
  19. S

    Solved Problems in playing downloaded media

    Downloaded media is not playing, like video is playing in VLC but no audio is playing. In windows media player there comes an error displaying "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file." when i click web help it also displays no help available. Online media is playing...
  20. D

    WIFI Card to Acer N1Q15 Extensa 2511

    Hello, I have a problem to find wifi card to my notebook Acer N1Q15 Extensa 2511. When I am looking for this wifi card I still see card only for Extensa 5230 5420 5620 5620Z. (What happened, Notebook was few months ago in repair but company forget give me back my wifi card, unfortunately this...