1. L

    Question about power supply for build

    I finally have what I need to start my new computer build, but I have a power supply question: I assembled mine using PCpartpicker's designer, and the power supply I chose was an EVGA 600BQ, which according to the site was enough power for my build (450 watts). I get my graphics card (Radeon...
  2. Georginat

    What is my system capable of?

    Hi. I currently have a desktop, which has: an Intel Core i3-9100f processor, nVidia GeForce GT 710, 8 GB of RAM. What could I do with that? Video Editing and casual gaming are my main concerns. Thank you for your time!
  3. rit441

    Processor Issue

    Hi I have an ROG GL553 VE. The specs are below : CPU - i7 7700HQ 2.8 Ghz Graphics card - GTX 1050 Ti (4GB) Ram - 16GB My laptop on idle can show clock speeds of around 2000 Mhz and on some games it used to boost upto 3600+. But now on any game i play, the processor gets stuck at around...
  4. andybrown

    Dell Inspiron 5565 - upgrade processor and graphics card?

    Hi All I currently have a Dell Inspiron 5565 and have found it playing games and graphics slow. Does anybody know if it's possible to upgrade the processor and graphics card? I can't seem to find any details online.
  5. T

    Can Ryzen 3 2200g run 4k hevc videos?

    Hello there, I am planning to build the cheapest possible PC to watch movies. I especially need 4k hevc (h.265) videos to run smoothly. Can Ryzen 3 2200G run it?
  6. T

    Solved Core i3 with 8gb ram or core i5 with 4gb ram for gaming?

    Processor: Intel Core i3-4130 CPU @ 3.40 GHz Motherboard: Asus H81M-E Memory: Transcend 2GB DIMM DDR3 1333 MHz (Channel B) Undefined 2GB DIMM DDR3 1600 MHz (Channel A) OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit/Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (only for pc game) Dear friends, I am playing a pc game - Age of Empires 2...
  7. M


    Hey. I just put together a pc from scratch. Unfortunately I left the mounting pieces for my heatsink back in another city a few hours away. Can get the heatsink on but not very tight. Am I still able to use my computer without burning/overheating the cpu until I get the parts to seat it properly?
  8. S

    Solved Which processor?

    Okay so I don't really know much about processors and I bought a computer which has an AMD A9-9425 processor but I'm considering returning it and buying the computer that has an Intel® Core™ i3-8145U Processor. So therefore, just wondering, which one is better? I will be using this computer...
  9. L

    i5 has lower processing speed than an i3

    Hi, How does the speed and performance of this i5 SSD with 1-1.9GHz compare to this i3 SSD with 2-2.9 GHz and this i3 SSD with 3-3.9 GHz? Also, I presume this the i5 is still faster and better than the others despite being lower in processing speed? Lastly, with such good prices, does anyone...
  10. M

    Solved is upgrading processor safe?

    I am going to buy a new laptop (lenovo v130) and a acquaintance mine says he can upgrade the its processor from i 3 to i 5 really cheap, i just want to know , is it safe and worth?
  11. aneeshthesia

    Buying a new CPU

    Hello, I am a Music Producer, I am looking forward to buying a Desktop PC. I am currently on a tight budget & I stumbled across this configuration, could you please tell me if it is any good for Music Production or not. I generally use 40-50 tracks in a song and around 4-6 plugins on each...
  12. SylkRode

    My Hewlett-Packard Pavilion is dying and I am completely lost

    My dear friend, Delta-X10128B is a Hewlett-Packard Pavilion p6614f -------------------------------------------------------------- Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5500 @...
  13. D

    Cpu questions

    hey guys, So i’m very new here but i have this question none of my friends seems to be able to answer properly. Lately i’m getting difficulty’s running games on my pc. I already upgraded my graphics card to a gtx 1050ti 4g but now i feel like my processor bottlenecks the whole thing. I have a...
  14. S

    Pc isn't booting

    I recently built a new pc, however when I try to turn it on, it starts to before shutting down again. This happens every time unless I unplug the Cpu cord, in which case it runs but doesn't boot. I am using an Intel i5 processor, 16gb of ram, a Rosewill Nautilus Case, a EVGA 500 watt power...
  15. R

    Solved Need help with cpu

    I bought this motherboard on newegg and I need to know if i can use an amd processor I will post the link of the motherboard and the processor I want to use for it I really do appreciate the help Motherboard...
  16. K

    Solved Processor switch

    Hey, so my current processor is an AMD a6 9500 wich in my opinion sucks. so i have decided to swap it with a Ryzen 7 1800x. They are both Am4 socket but im just a little sketched, because the ryzen 7 uses 95W, while my a6 uses 65w. Do i need to turn up the watt in booting menu before i apply the...
  17. L

    How to check or test processor while purchasing.

    1.I am upgrading my mobo hp compaq 6000 pro sff. From core2duo to core2quad[email protected]+3.00GHz&id=1050. The shopkeeper will test the processor infront of me(iam purchasing used one) but i want to make sure i purchase good one. How to...
  18. biagrin

    Would a Graphics Card Make Any Difference?

    So I have recently got into video editing but this is a hardware related issue. The main issue is running video on my TV. I am having issues with running 720p video so anything higher than this will also be an issue. I run a desktop through a 55inch LG 4k TV. Specs: Operating System: Windows 7...
  19. K

    Compatible Processor?

    can I switch an intel i3 7th generation from my Dell Inspiron 3668 desktop to my HP Mini 5103? I don’t know socket types or anything like that.
  20. Z

    Low Fps On AMD Graphics Card

    Okay so i have a potatoe pc lol but its suppose to still run games on low setting with an easy 30fps i mainly play dayz, NewZ, dark souls 1,2,3 and i get around 15-17fps most of the time with rare 20fps spikes for less than 3 seconds. My graphics card is an AMD Radeon 5450 HD 1Gb Graphics card...