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    Solved Moving Program Files to new SSD

    Hi all, I have a new larger SSD which I have installed and would like for it to be used for everything. Looked for some guides online of how to transfer OS and everything else but this seemed to difficult and confusing. I've accepted and am perfectly happy with the OS staying where it is on...
  2. B

    Help moving Users folder back to boot drive

    OK, long story short. I am still running Windows 7 and had planned an upgrade with a new PC this year. That's not happening now, so I have made a few upgrades to my creaking system to give it a little more life including an upgraded processor and a new, larger SSD. My hope is that I will...
  3. aPaolo16

    How do I move Program Files (& x86) and Users folder to HDD

    I am using a 2 year old Desktop with Windows 10 and I recently installed a 250GB Samsung SSD. I then cloned all the important files in my 1TB HDD to my SSD before wiping that old Hard Drive. Now my SSD is my main hardrive (C ) and my empty HDD is my secondary hardrive (F ) After transferring my...