1. ompharate

    I want to buy server but I don't know which type of server

    My application is like user login in there account and upload any type of file in server but which type of server is suitable for it
  2. I

    Graphics Programming Advice (Basic and Paascal)

    Good morning folks, A newby here, so a big thank you, in advance to everyone. Much appreciated!!. Some years ago now, I studied and done (did ?) some Computer Programming........Graphics BASIC (Basica, GW-Basic mainly) and Pascal (Borland Turbo Pascal). I still do have a small...
  3. J

    Programming Language advice

    I am looking for some advice on which languages to use for a test repository program I am trying to develop. The project plan is as follows: User Input – Java Script, JQuery or JSON (Not sure if program will be web-based) Pull-down from user input to data storage – PHP (I am open to some...
  4. B

    Making a website - html: how to link?

    We are trying to create a webshop in the program, atom. But we are unable to link a page to another in the program. For example: when you click on "Shop" it goes straight to one category like coffee, for instance, but the rest of the categories aren't responding. Can someone help us?
  5. GamerBlackAcid

    Getting an "Unhandeled exception" in QBasic

    This is the code that i used - But when in execution, it shows an error - Line: 20 (in main module). Bad file name or number. Continue? along with a heading - Unhandled Error #52. It doesn't show this error in line 9. I checked the code so many times. I have the...
  6. M

    Media Computer Program Auto-Launch

    I am attempting to build a media computer to plug into my television. I'd like to control it with an XBox 360 controller, and there are two programs I'd like it to run (Kodi and EmulationStation). I'd like the computer to launch to a screen where I select which program I will use, after which it...
  7. bignose956

    Programmable network filter

    Is there a network filter that can be programmed? I am in charge of a school computer network, and I need a way to monitor and filter network activity. I am looking for a hardware device that acts a bridge between the gateway and the various routers (there are Chromebooks on the network, so a...
  8. R

    Microsoft Access - Link master and child fields

    Hi guys, In my system to keep data consistent between switching tabs, I have a textbox I call. To populate a subform with the current record I link master fields 'txtMaterial' and this works. It populates the material number correctly from the corresponding record. However, I have 3 primary...
  9. R

    Microsoft Access Tabbed forms

    Hi there, when I use the following code to show/hide tabs before and after update it works - but only when it's the main form. Private Sub Job_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer) If Me.Job = "2" Then Me.Parent.Page21.Visible = True Else Me.Parent.Page21.Visible = False End If...
  10. R

    Visual Basic Code with Microsoft Access (DLookup)

    Hi All! I'm creating an application where I have multiple levels of access. I have created a function using DLookup using VB: Private Sub Form_Load() 'Retrives "HasAccess" Field from the table "tblHasAccess" where the AccessLevelID = Current users access level ID If...
  11. R

    Solved Microsoft Access Query Help Nested IIf Statement

    Hi there, I'm creating a nested Iff statement in a query to return the corresponding cost for each value: 0-500 = 6,48 501-750 = 4,32 751+ = 2,16 2,16 displays correctly for values over 751. 4,32 displays correctly for values 501-750 6,48 displays correctly for values 0-500. HOWEVER...
  12. O

    Software that runs automatically and follows command

    Hi, Not sure if i’m In the right area but basically I was wondering if there is a software or program that you can install on your computer that you can give certain instructions to complete. In my particular case, I would like it to transfer money between my bank accounts to take advantage...
  13. M

    Site Last Updated

    How to Add "sit last updated" to my website. I use Weebly
  14. L

    Stripe checkout and jquery integration. Help ASAP PLEASE!!!

    Whoever does help thank you in advance, as there are dead ends to skill here and there. I have an html jquery shopping cart with a the payment checkout for paypal, i just want to change the paypal button and checkout to Stripe card or bitcoin. If you can simply help me with this, it would be a...
  15. K

    Linux Mint and Pen testing stuff

    Hey guys.. I need a private tutor that can help me understand software and how to use linux.. Will converse over kik and wickr.
  16. Y

    Solved Help needed with DreamWeaver (New to HTML)

    Hi everyone! I have to build an HTML email (not responsive just plain text & photos) for work so I installed DreamWeaver and I just can't get it to work and it's driving me nuts. I'm actually supposed to build the email based on a banner that the PR office gave me (which is just below)...
  17. R

    Folder Management

    Good morning everyone! So my boss asked me to do a program using anything I want(I'm no programmer tho lol). I will try to explain the best I can with the little I know about programming and my brazilian english haha So what I want to do is I have two folders(Original and Copy): 1)The first...
  18. N


    Anyone know a good place to learn it? There's a local company which loves hiring IT students fresh out of college, especially my college, as it's the closest to them. The only issue is that they use COBOL for all their programming needs, but the college doesn't offer a class on it.
  19. S

    Caltalog Making

    Hi Techies Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7 Processor Count: 4 RAM: 2765 Mb Graphics Card: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, 1158 Mb Hard...
  20. K

    Solved IDE for LUA programming

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for an IDE that works for LUA programming. I have searched in google and I have found one so far but I'm sure there are more. The one I found is Maybe I haven't searched the web very well but I would l would like to know how many...