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    CRISPR and deep learning

    I want to study cancer state with CRISP and deep learning, any one can help me in this ?
  2. H

    Raspberry Pi car project

    Hello, for a long time I am dreaming about installing multimedia into my car. But unfortunately, my car is not so multimedia-friendly. Lately, I got ant idea, of installing raspberry Pi, but since I have seen one yet, I have a lot of questions. First of all, I am wondering, if it is a good...
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    Programming Language advice

    I am looking for some advice on which languages to use for a test repository program I am trying to develop. The project plan is as follows: User Input – Java Script, JQuery or JSON (Not sure if program will be web-based) Pull-down from user input to data storage – PHP (I am open to some...
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    Need help with making a flexible touch screen

    I have started making a project involving a flexible touch screen and am struggling to think of what materials to use, what type of projector to use and so on ,the list is endless. please help