1. D

    Changing your external IP address of your WiFi router

    How do I change my external IP address in my router settings so if im being ddosed I can go into my WiFi settings and change it and then restart my router and I will be on a different IP address so that the DDoS does not effect me anymore? Help will really be appreciated! Thx guys
  2. crcook84

    Protecting data long-term

    I’m working on a way to protect our digitized family memories long-term. Right now, I have them on a flash drive. The main concern with that is the shelf-life of the EEPROM. They’re in a fireproof case along with other important documents. I was thinking of putting them inside a ziplock bag to...
  3. G

    Continuously Hit by Ransom MALWARE

    My company has 10 computers which are all connected to a server running Windows 7. We have a reliable back up but we are continuously being hit by ransom malware. Once hit, we restore the server with the back up but we lose half a day of work in order to do so. How can I protect ourselves from...
  4. M


    Guys please help me I'm so screwed!! I got a message from my browser saying "Please do not restart your computer, Computer detected ZEUS Virus and these Infections indicate that some Un-Authorized File Tampering has taken place in the computer which must be diagnosed and rectified to prevent...