1. N

    Who use proxy

    Hi! I'm new in it and I have a lot of questions. But at first I want to know WHO use proxy? Not why how and etc. I read many articles about proxy but there is no information about users. I found only sneakerheads(who use bots) and companies(which use proxy to protect). Who else? Maybe someone...
  2. M

    Need help to Telegram proxy

    Hello Friends. In my country telegram banned. I'm using zen mate or browec for run this app on mobile and web app. I need best proxy setting and port to work properly. Need help Country Pakistan
  3. P

    how can i fool or bypass my college proxy !

    my college proxy had been blocked to prevent some websites and steam ! please tell me ways to bypass it ! any sort of hacking , ( i think vpn are super slow so tried that) and is there nay method to fool the proxy by using my lan blocked proxy along with a wifi wifi connection to my mobile ?
  4. S

    whatsapp not working on my proxy

    i created hotspot to my laptop by connectify and using a college proxy everything working on wifi but whatsapp notworking
  5. Y

    WIFI Has been acting up for 2 weeks, please help

    My family has been on Spectrum Community Internet for a couple months or a year and we have had a problem before. Our last problem was when we couldn't connect our security camera, PS4, and other devices to the wifi, we fixed that by contacting Spectrum and talking to someone who helped us find...
  6. C

    Proxy, VPN and PS4 - I've looked everywhere...

    Hello, When I say "I've looked everywhere", I've really looked... Most places I can think of. I feel like I should mention this is my first time using such a forum, and I'm really not all that with computers. I know my way around some things, but I do apologise if my terminology or general...
  7. B

    Problem connecting to Ethernet proxy

    I am living in a university hall. When I first connected to the WiFi I was prompted to enter a username and password, which I did, and it worked fine but was not fast enough for my requirements. I plugged in the ethernet, and it failed to prompt me with the login, and so I could not access the...
  8. K

    New proxy server is refusing connection

    Hello, I have been having a problem with web pages not downloading or connecting to my poker website, My poker website said to uncheck the proxy server button and it fixes the problem for a short time, sometimes only for minutes. I see on this site that this has been an issue for others but...
  9. S

    Windows could not automatically detect proxy settings

    I've been trying to fix this problem for a while now. At first, it wasn't a big deal because strangely, I could still connect to the internet perfectly fine despite this error message. But it got annoying when I couldn't connect to any of the Windows applications such as Store, Mail, Update...
  10. M

    Online browsing Security

    I'm wanting to know how can I get a no-ip address and use it the same way you use a typical proxy. This may sound dumb to most but I'm not dumb, I'm serious. I want to get the correct info from the very start rather then research on Google and get opinions and false info. Thanks in advance...
  11. J

    No Internet connection ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED

    Hey I am using windows 10 pro. as a browser I am using chrome. the problem is when i open some websites it shows error like this. though when i open techguy, google, facebook or youtube it works perfectly but some other websites such as or it shows this above...
  12. V

    Can't connect to youtube

    For past one month I can't connect to youtube. I tried to connect with both opera and chrome. I can connect to google, gmail and other websites. Can anyone help me pls
  13. J

    Proxy error - I think I've tried everything

    Hello, my desktop PC refuses to connect to the wireless 99% of the time and when I troubleshoot the connection it says "Windows could not automatically detect this network's proxy". I've checked I'm not using proxy (I'm not) in all internet/browser options, checked for viruses (several times -...