1. S

    PS3 on PC Monitor

    I’ve been using my PS3 on my PC monitor (straight HDMI) and it’s never given me an issue. Without unplugging it from the previous use, it’s now giving me an issue. No audio or video (grey screen) but the monitor picks up that HDMI is plugged in. HDMI cable and monitor work on another system...
  2. C

    PS3 works as web cam but not come thru other app

    I have to quickly grab PS3 as a web cam for my pc for online lessons during this temporary covid-19 outbreak. I installed the driver, and ps3 cam works through its own window. But when i used Zoom Meeting, the video in the ps3 window was not transferred to Zoom screen. I will need to use this...
  3. T

    PS3 Problem

    Hello, I have a 1G PS3 model, and recently when I first turned it on, I see a dialog box with a specific code. I went to the Playstation website to look it up, but the definition of the code on my TV screen was not listed. Can you help me fix this situation?
  4. W

    Can I Get Sound out of my PS3 via Av Multi Out?

    Basically, I have purchased a monitor that has an HDMI and a VGA input option in the back, but no speakers (and thus no aux inputs) . I have a PS3 that has HDMI and AV Multi Out in the back. I am currently using the HDMI from the PS3 to the HDMI on the monitor, which gives me video, but because...
  5. C

    SATA 2.5 HDD corrupted

    I have a SATA 2.5 hard drive of 300Gb. It is corrupted as it leads my PS3 to turn off by itself. Any bright ideas about how to remove corruption form it? (I've tried all the methods in PS3, suggest something using pc. I've also formatted it many a times but the issue still prevails) Please help...
  6. Josbvevo

    My ps3 won’t connect to the WiFi

    :unsure:I just bought a ps3 and I was trying to connect my internet to it and it is stuck on ssid screen nothing elese I have been quick resetting it multiple times it just been like that not connecting and it won’t let me press the arrows or the X button to continue I need help boss
  7. Smash13

    Solved HDMI out of range - PS3 to New Monitor

    Hi, I bought a new monitor, LG 24MP68VQ. The idea was to connect my PC through DVI or VGA, and connect the PS3 by HDMI. Now, PC works just fine. But the PS3 doesn't. So I turned on the PS3, Then switched the output to HDMI, And I see a black screen. The black screen flashes every 5or10 second...
  8. kayn98

    Gamepad R2 and L2 triggers do not function as analog.

    Hello there, So recently I got into racing games and the best way to play them is with a controller (which has pressure sensitive triggers and analogue sticks). The gamepad I have is this one: It says the following: P44 Gamepad has...
  9. M

    my tgiinet 1 modem will not work with my ps3 upnp

    please help my upnp on my ps3 keeps Cumming up not available and my nat type is type 2 I have checked my modem every thing is turned on there tried resetting my modem that didn't work tried resetting my ps3 that didn't work you name it I've tried it I tried to do port forwarding but couldn't...