1. A

    Problem with Seagate extended storage PS4

    I have a seagate extended storage device plugged into my PS4, and it fell out as I was carrying the PS4 (the PS4 was turned off) so I connected it back, and when I turned the PS4 back on it couldn’t detect the device. It made a beeping sound, and eventually stopped and now the PS4 can recognise...
  2. B

    Ps4 freezing and crashing constantly

    About 3 months ago my ps4 pro out of blue started freezing constantly i have done multiple hard resets, restored it to factory settings and re-installed system software completely multiple times still no use, i called sony support which basically just said send it in for repair which is £175...
  3. RondaPierce

    Uninstalled app win10 ruined my live stream

    Hey there, so I am trying to live stream with PS4, avermedia capture card, to my PC. It was choppy, so I checked my CPU, was 98%. Deleted and uninstalled useless games like wild tangent games and roller coaster typhoon. Im under the impression I uninstalled a win10 app. Please help!!
  4. B

    Us aplliance to u.K. Socket adapter, watt capacity?

    Howdy i just bought a u.S. Ps4, wanna plug into u.K. socket, now i know theres widely available travel power converters, for the socket shape aand the voltage convertersion, but i cant find anything on the watts, its a 140 watt per hour machine if'n im not mistaken, does it matter to the...
  5. R

    Portable Router for Hotel Wifi - PS4/XBONE

    I am currently staying at a hotel where wi-fi works, however, when I try to connect my PS4 to play online it does not work (I believe this is the NAT type) Is there a way I can either bypass this OR buy a portable router which would allow me to play online? Edit: I can connect to online and...
  6. G

    PS4 won’t display on monitor

    Hi guys, So I’m at university, and I brought my PS4 and bought a monitor which requires a D’SUB cable. I bought a cable which is HDMI to D’SUB and plugged them in, but the monitor just said ‘cable not connected’. I then bought an HDMI switch, plugged my original PS4 HDMI cable into that, but it...
  7. H

    I want to play my PS4 on my DVI-D monitor

    Hi guys, I would be eternally grateful if I get a solution to this issue. I have just recently bought a converter cable from the internet that has a dvi input whilst having a dvi and a hdmi output. I apologise as I don’t know how that male/female shizzle works. Basically, I can connect a dvi...
  8. N

    VGA to HDMI compatibility issue

    Hello, I have a Dell U2412M monitor that I wanted to connect to my PS4. Since the monitor does not have an HDMI connection and only support VGA, DVI-D and DisplayPort, I bought a GE 33588 HDMI to VGA Adapter. The problem is that it does not detect the PS4 and I don't know if it is because of the...
  9. A

    DVI to HDMI: monitor and PS4 connection

    I’m pretty technologically challenged so I don’t know if this post belongs here, but I need some help with connecting my PS4 to my old computer monitor. As you can see in the attached photos, my monitor is pretty old and doesn’t have an HDMI port. It instead it has a DVI in. From what I’ve read...
  10. buffalowinter

    Solved CS Ps4 keeps crashing

    I have tried to read as many forums, posts, and whatnot, why does my CS Ps4 keep crashing? More specifically, I have a DELL Desktop Inspiron 24-3452 with a 64 bit OS, 8.00 GB RAM so I thought it would be no problem installing and activating my Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium, no issues...
  11. D

    Connecting wifi and Ethernet

    So I have a Centrelink modem/router the combo kind. I use wifi thru the house. I want to connect my ps4 with ethernet how ever the play station keeps saying it can't find the IP address and won't connect. What can I do? Thank you
  12. Josbvevo

    My ps3 won’t connect to the WiFi

    :unsure:I just bought a ps3 and I was trying to connect my internet to it and it is stuck on ssid screen nothing elese I have been quick resetting it multiple times it just been like that not connecting and it won’t let me press the arrows or the X button to continue I need help boss
  13. D

    help, ps4 connecting to all in one pc

    my pc has one hdmi port (output). i tried connecting my ps4 and it doesn't show up, there's no extra buttons on my pc to change the input. is there any solutions to connect my ps4 to an output hdmi?
  14. C

    Proxy, VPN and PS4 - I've looked everywhere...

    Hello, When I say "I've looked everywhere", I've really looked... Most places I can think of. I feel like I should mention this is my first time using such a forum, and I'm really not all that with computers. I know my way around some things, but I do apologise if my terminology or general...
  15. J

    Ps4 audio streaming help

    I'm trying to get m discord audio into my ps4 so I can stream on the native ps4 streaming service, but I can't seem to get my discord audio onto the stream. I'm using an auxillary cable plugged into my speaker jack on my laptop, connecting it to what I think is a ctia-y cable, and the other end...
  16. gentrix96

    Connecting PS4 to Spotify using a proxy server

    Hi everyone. I live in Iran where access to sites like Youtube and Spotify are forbidden. So I have to use things like VPNs and proxy servers and all those stuff in order to be able to access those sites. but since Playstation 4 doesn't have the VPN option, I'm only left with only one option...
  17. M

    Black screen when connecting hdmi from ps4 to laptop

    I have an alienware m17x (yes, it has hdmi input) and recently I upgraded my screen from 1600x900 to 1920x1080. Ever since then, when I try to play my ps4 on my laptop monitor, the screen turns to a dark grey colour then to a black screen. I have tried connecting my xbox one to my laptop and...
  18. M


    I am in search of information on how to do this. All of the self help websites that I have researched have not given me an positive results. I have a 500 GB hard drive that I removed from my ps4 to install a 2 terabyte one. The new hard drive came with instructions on how to install everything...
  19. M

    Rca wont change inputs

    I have recently recieved a tv made by rca model # J39BE825 and the remote was not given to me so i tried using the buttons on the side of the tv but it will not select the hdmi it just hovers over it. I am trying multiple ways but every thing does not work. (ps it is for a ps4) please help me
  20. 3

    Netflix and others won't open on my wifi

    My Netflix app on my PS4 has stopped working. Won't open at all. Error message ui-800-3. Same goes for Amazon and YouTube. My phone also can't use Youtube. In short, I am unable to stream any video on my wifi at home. This seems to be confined to my broadband wifi as I can use YouTube on my 4G...