1. M

    Wired internet connection to ps4 not working

    I have bought a internet or LAN cable for my ps4 because its faster then using wifi and i keeps faling to connect, i've tried entering my ip adress and all that manually but still nothing? I tried everything i can think of and still doesnt work, anyone have any help???
  2. M

    internet hotspot connectivity issues

    i have created a wireless hotspot from my laptop in command prompt to run my playstation 4 off so i get a better connection to my router, i have followed all necessary steps to do so, and have allowed internet sharing to the hotspot from my main wifi supply. but when i try to connect on my...
  3. CloudyBumblebee

    ISO HD graphic card that'll run on my Toshiba Satellite PC

    Hey, I'm wanting to start uploading gameplays / streaming matches off my Wii U, soon to be Switch, PS4(I know it records but just incase y'know), PS3, and Xbox 360 even. So I'm pretty sure I need an HD Graphic card for good quality, but would my PC be a problem? I got it back in like...
  4. B

    Connecting PC speakers to TV & PS4

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but it's worth a try. I recently bought some new speakers (Logitech Z533 2.1 speaker system) to play music. They work great but I then thought it would be good to hook them up to my TV and PS4 as well. My TV (LG 42" ls3450) however, has no audio...
  5. A

    PS4 slim to soundbar

    Hi All, I'm not great with technology...but I have just bought a PS4 and the sound from the tv is not great quality so I bought a soundbar - problem being I'm not sure how to have the sound come from soundbar and visual on tv. Seems to be either/or. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  6. L

    Playstation 4 Dualshock 4 controller continuous disconnects

    Hi, I'll try to get everything down so far and feel free to ask questions so I can fill in the blanks. I've got a decent PC, it was custom built by my brother who is a bit more techy than me. Despite this, I only really play one game. Final Fantasy XIV: Online Heavensward.I've played this with...
  7. M

    Should i ps4 or a pc

    Hello everyone! I am very far waiting for a decision for buying a pc or ps4 for gaming..i have asked everone but everyone's answer was to buy a pc...but i have seen the performance of pc its more ill then a ps4...pcs are not for gaming and for a powerful gaming pc i will have to spend a filthy...
  8. H

    Playstation 4 NAT type 3

    We got a new modem a week ago. There was no problems first (my ps4 NAT type stayed at 2). Then suddenly overnight it changed to 3 (I cannot voice chat nor join friend's games). I want to know: Why did it change? How to change it back to type 2? I am not a computer master so please, try to make...
  9. K

    My PS4 is not Working! Please help.

    Hi, I didnt play my PS4 for like 3 months, and when I came to start it it blinks blue reinstall stuff then it shut down after the PS4 logo show. I entered the safe mode to initialize it but now I cannot connect the DS4. it blinks with orangish color and never work. I also tried to reset the...
  10. Sketches92

    Solved Playstation 4 error message 'Router may not support IP fragmentation'

    Receiving following error message when running my Playstation 4's connection test and currently online gaming is almost impossible - 'The router in use may not support IP fragmentation and some functions may be limited....' I've contacted both Sony and my internet provider (Vodafone) and got no...
  11. H

    Internal memory full, what options do I have?

    Good Afternoon everyone, I bought a HP stream 13.3 touchscreen laptop for school which only came with 32 gb of internal memory which already filled up. I was wondering if there is an easy way to switch the internal memory for this laptop? For example with my Playstation 4 The process to switch...
  12. E

    Can't get rid of NAT Type 3 - Strict

    I got PlayStation 4 last time and I have a problem - I have a router TP-LINK TL-WR542G (no DD-WRT) and I plugged Ethernet cable into the PS4. Everything is working fine, download and upload speed is average (faster than Wi-Fi), but there's one major problem here. And that's NAT TYPE 3 - STRICT...
  13. X

    PS4 Controller Won't Connect.

    So a few days back I wanted To use my PS4 controller games on my PC, so I was successful connecting it to my PC using a program called DS4 Windows. Then yesterday I went to play on my PS4 and i noticed my controller didn't connect to my PS4. I tried using a micro usb, reset the controller, but...
  14. R

    Solved Borderlands The Handsome Collection for PS4

    I recently got the physical copy of Borderlands The Handsome Collection for PS4 and as soon as I put the disc in it started to download the update version 1.01 only. The game isn't updating to the most recent version and I don't know why, could it only be a problem with the hard copy of the...