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    Custom PC Build thoughts

    Okay so i had a lot of help yesterday with processors etc (great thanks for all their time) & now i want thoughts on this build. keep in mind that i already have hdd/ssd, Ram 16gb & a gpu (nivida geforce gtx 1060 3gb) Any ideas on where i could improve/save etc would be much appreciated...
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    Psu replacement/upgrade

    Hey I have a fps300-60tha(1) from my Acer aspire tc-280 that makes a loud whuring sound when it’s running, I’ve been looking everywhere for a replacement or I can upgrade but I don’t understand what I need for it is anyone able to help
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    PSU is that ok to leave extra 2 pins for gpu?

    I have one Frontech JIL-2430 800 Watts SMPS as a temporary smps since my old one is on its way back after service. i have one gtx 1060 card, it needs only 6 pins to power my gpu is that ok to leave those extra 2 pins ? (since the frontech jil comes with single 8 pin )
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    why does the be quiet straight power 10 not come with a 10 p

    I bought myself all the parts to build my own pc with the be quiet straight power 10 600w psu but when i looked at the cables it comes with i realized that they dont give me a 10 pin cable to power my 8 pin cpu z97 gaming 3 msi 600w psu straight power 10 gigabyte gtx 1060 i5-4460 ddr3 2x3gb ram