1. A

    Pc Not starting after mobo flashes and fans move once

    so I've assembled my gaming pc, but I'm worried I damaged my mobo with static shock. I felt a shock yesterday while building the pc when I touched the mobo, and now this is hapenning. I plug it in, try to start it, and the motherboard light flashes once, the fans twitch, and then stop. The case...
  2. mahart02

    PC sporadically shuts down during moderate stress

    Hello! My desktop PC has started shutting off seemingly at random after almost two years of use. Whenever I go to do anything moderately rough on my PC, it kicks off (for example, playing League of Legends). I have noticed a slight slowdown here and there, but I attributed it to running...
  3. Y

    Mixing colors and PC shuting down when grapfic drivers are..

    Mixing colors and PC shuting down when graphic drivers are installed this is a continuation of a problem I originally started in a sub-furum win 7, as at this point it looks as chases are higher that it is hardware problem one of members told me to move my topic here. Original topic...
  4. T

    burning smell when I switch my pc on,also it wont boot,help

    Good day, So I am busy building up a pc,its not much but it is supposed to be a christmas present for someone. The pc has an Asus p5g41t-m lx motherboard Intel Core 2 duo E7500 1066FSB 2,93Ghz processor 2GB 1333mhz ddr3 ram 250GB harddrive And I no its old but a Inno 3d Geforce 9500gt 1GB gpu...
  5. D

    Solved Lan not working anymore

    Hello, I am at loss and looking for some serious help. Just recently my old PSU broke down and I bought new one. After installing it, my LAN stopped working and dissapeared from "device manager" (doesn't appear anymore even after reinstalling win 10 and trying win 7 as well). Since it doesn't...
  6. A

    Cleaned PC, it wont start now

    Hello all, Recently I cleaned the dust from my PC, removed PSU, CPU and GPU cleaned them all and in my expectation I reconnected them perfectly but after cleaning when I tried running it nothing happened not a even a single beep. I tried using a flat head screwdriver to short the power port on...
  7. X

    Wondering If My PSU Wattage Is Ok

    Hello. i recently bought a pre-built computer (yes, i know right) and it came with a 400W Cougar PSU. my Birthday is in 3 weeks and i want to upgrade to a Gigabyte GTX 1060 OC and i want to know...
  8. R

    Solved replacing my psu

    hello, recently i decided to buy a new psu since the one i have right now is making weird noises and i believe it's related to the random system restarts (i checked the fans and such, it looks ok, and it's about 10 years old so there's another reason i guess) my question is, how do i pick the...
  9. M

    PC turns on then off, and restarts. Is it possible that the

    Recently I've cleaned out my work area and also cleaned off some of the dust in the PC case. Yesterday, I was using it fine for over four hours. No problems. Today, I went on and played a game. Within a minute or so, the PC shut off and restarted itself. It then restarted itself and I was able...
  10. C

    Confused about PSU requirements

    My 2008 build has stopped powering on, and I believe the culprit to be the PSU. I will verify this later today once I get my hands on a tester. This is the seond PSU in two years. My first 750w PSU dies 6 years in and this second 750w (Cooler Master V750) I believe has also died. I've always...
  11. J

    PSU problems.

    Ok, so I'm trying to fix a computer that had a blown psu, the computer is an emachine et1831-07. I couldn't find a PSU for that specific computer so I asked a friend for help, because I had the feeling not all 250 watt PSU are the same, there have to be differences, however this friend said they...
  12. C

    'No signal' black screen after exiting games

    Hi all, I've been having an issue for a couple of weeks that I've not been able to solve and thought I would see if anyone here can help. Not at my pc right now so don't have all specs, some details off the top of my head (can post more later) PC specs: i7-4790k @ 4.0 Ghz (stock clock) GTX 780...
  13. A

    Motherboard and Power Supply connection Problem

    Hello, I have recently built my first pc with an ASUS Z170-AR Motherboard and a EVGA 500B Power supply. The MOBO has a EATX12V connector and the PSU only has a EPS12V connector. I assumed that it didn't matter (even though the square hole didn't match the "D" ones) so I have connected these...
  14. M

    Bad psu or bad power cord?

    Ok so, on May i got a new psu because my previous one was dying. My current psu is a NOD ATX 450w [psu-004], i know it's cheap but so far i experienced no problems, it's pretty silence and all, computer runs fine (kind of slow but it's old). The previous week i moved my pc only a tiny bit...
  15. Quwin

    Monitors losing signal when gaming

    Hello, I would like some help in trying to pinpoint the faulty hardware in my computer. (Usually) when I either start a game or have been gaming for a bit, my monitors will lose signal and go black. Sound cuts out, sometimes loudly. And the a fan or multiple will start spinning really fast...
  16. EhsanKhan

    PC reboots on power outage even with (new) UPS!!

    My pc (sometimes) shuts down for a fraction of second and then restarts at time of power outage (most of the time the reboot occur when power comes back to UPS after the outage). The most weird thing happening is that when I switch off the electric supply of UPS (ie. where UPS is connected to...
  17. L

    pc crashes on shutdown, now won't turn on at all

    For the past few weeks my pc has been crashing on shutdown, and then restarting, but now after being away from it for a few days it won't turn on at all, I have tried shorting the psu and that seemed to work fine, I'm just not sure what to try next.
  18. T

    Having issues with first gaming build.

    I'm building my first computer and I got everything and plugged in. Except when I turn it on, it doesn't stay on for longer than a second. The heat sink and the fan on the psu spin only for a moment and the gpu flashes on and off. I've tried clearing all the extra standoff in case of a shortage...
  19. E

    Turning off PSU during storms.

    Hi, I was just wondering if turning off my PSU would protect against power surges. I don't currently have a surge protector and there a lot of violent storms in my area. For now, I've just been unplugging my power strip. Thanks.
  20. J

    Optical drive help

    A while back I smelled a burning smell from my computer and after some investigation figured it was my PSU. So I buy a 650( old was 750) PSU and install. I turn my computer on to find out my hhd and optical drives aren't working. My ssd which has my operating system shows some file damage on...