1. E

    Solved Games making my computer reboot possible psu issue

    So a few weeks ago my computer began randomly rebooting. At first i thought nothing of it but it began becoming worse and worse. randomly my computer will reboot after an hour of playing games. Some times this happens after 5 mins of playing and sometimes my computer will reboot as soon as i...
  2. K

    Monitor/keyboard won't turn on. PSU/MoBo?

    My computer itself will turn on, but my keyboard and monitor won't. The motherboard lights,GPU, and PSU will turn on too. This has happened before during a power outage and I just unplugged the power supply from the motherboard, and then plugged it back in. There was one instance where that...
  3. A

    Power Surge - now my USB ports are not working

    I had a power surge, and this caused my motherboard USB ports to stop working: there was no power being given by them. My case USB ports, however, were still working. I thought, because my PSU was quite old, I should get a new PSU, and I did. Unfortunately, this did not work. I have tried many...
  4. P

    Need help solving two (power?) mysteries

    Mystery 1 - why my computer keeps resetting Mystery 2 - why my computer wouldn't turn on with new PSU (twice) Here's the story: Last August I upgraded my GPU. I realized my existing MOBO wasn't compatible after the fact so I upgraded that too (rookie mistake). Shortly thereafter my PSU seemed...
  5. K

    Which PSU is better?

    So last night I bought a new PC, I'll link it below. Normally I build my own but I just didn't feel like it this time so I bought one instead. However I do have some parts from my current computer I'd like to integrate over to my new one. My question is regarding my PSU. I currently have a...
  6. E

    Computer randomly powering off

    I have recently bought a (second hand) XFX R7800 ghost graphics card but for some reason my computer will turn off for no reason, like its been unplugged. I think it might be that my PSU is only 500w but im not sure. My specs are: Amd bulldozer 4130 ATX P4 500w psu Xfx r7800 ghost 8gb of...
  7. N

    Psu sufficient?

    hi, I have a hp 8200 sff pc and I am wondering if the 240w stock psu is sufficient to power a 23w gpu. Thanks
  8. J

    Corsair HX 850W clicking continuously on shut down

    Hello, everybody. I have a system with Corsair HX 850W and it was running fine for about a year. Recently on shut down sometimes, when it supposed to click once and shut down, it doesn't, it clicks, monitor shuts off but the system itself, fans and all the rest of it keeps running, PSU keeps...
  9. Slothraki

    Pc randomly shuts down when gaming, won't come back on

    So a few weeks back my pc was having an issue where when I tried to game, my pc would randomly shut down, despite low temperatures. Everything would go off including all of the interior fans and lights, besides the power supply light, and the motherboard light. In order to get it to come back...
  10. W

    Problem PC Turn Off

  11. J

    Problem with PSU (for Compaq SR1360)

    hi, There have been a few times where a power cut has caused my PC to not switch on again, instead a blinking light appears on the back of the PC although I have managed to get it working again the few times this has happened. However when working, i'll leave the PC to do something (e.g...
  12. H

    GTX 760 SLI w/ Corsair AX850

    So I ordered a second 4gb gtx 760 to SLI, I pop open the case and there's no room to plug in the 12 pin plug, that routes into the 6 and 8 pin slots in the GPU itself, in the back of the 850. From what I can see, there are only 2 12 pin plug spots for the 850, one of which is taken up by my...
  13. A

    Desktop doesn't boot up

    Hi, My desktop, assembled back in December 2011, specs are: Gigabyte H61M-S2P-B3 rev1.0 Intel i7 2600 3.4GHz Kingston DDR3 4GB 1333MHz Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200RPM Windows 10 x64 Pro updated to latest service pack and other updates iBall JSW 250W PSU with the i7272 cabinet P/S2 Keyboard, USB...
  14. M

    Help with a PSU-related Issue

    Hi guys, so about a month ago I built my first pc, and it has worked really well, but yesterday my computer started shutting off once in a while, and every time my bios would say that there was a power supply surge. So I restarted it and it worked for a little longer, but then every time I would...
  15. C

    Computer crashing whilst playing games

    so i have just had a new problem with my pc of which randomly when im gaming i recieve a shutdown it doesnt prompt me it just shutsdown like i unplugged it but this only happens when playing certain games such as minecraft(idk why this since iv been able to play this at 300 frames without a flaw...
  16. T

    Random cold reboots

    Hello tech folks. Could use some help here. My PC reboots every 2-3 hours or so when I'm gaming (low-end games like Fallout 3 and farming sim) and sometimes even when I'm watching simple YouTube vids (rarely). Temperatures were completely normal even when running high-end games like Far Cry 4...
  17. Z

    Frame fluctuation on anything moderately graphic intensive

    I recently moved my computer into my room and had no problems prior. I tried using my 720p tv as a second monitor, and have had problems with graphics since. Any time I use something like twitch or play a game, my framerate goes haywire and my computer runs slow. Even after disconnecting the...