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    creating cryptographic wheel python 3.8

    help need to create cryptographic wheel using python 3.8 installed on windows 10 I have updated pip I have even installed cryptodome for python in windows environment but errors out when trying to create cryptographic wheel
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    Python package failure

    Hello. I've tried repeatedly to install geofinder through pip3 in the command prompt. I can get Python 3.8 installed successfully. When I run the command "pip3 install geofinder --upgrade" cmd tells me it is successfully installed but it is no where to be found, except when I installed python...
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    Need help with my program

    Hello, I need help with a program of mine that used to work flawlessly, Now it is not functioning properly, and when I try to exit the tool I get the message : "See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. **************...
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    How to create a web portal?

    Hello everyone, as you guys are familiar with thread title “How to create a web portal”. So basically I’m interested in creating a web portal which takes a unique id (allotted to each and every user) and it gives the information all of that particular id. For example: In TikTok(a really famous...
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    Solved Not able to install python tell what to do?

    I am not able to install python on my windows 8.1 64x bit. Check the image for the system error message shown please help fast.... Thanks in advance....
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    Python: Change Main Menu Background Image

    So, I am working on creating a visual novel using a game engine called Ren'py. This program uses Python to code, and so far I haven't really run into any issues that tinkering(with plenty of saving and judicious use of the 'undo' button) can't solve, but I can't figure out this. Right now, I...
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    Help to loop my probability badly coded program

    import time print('Hello, what is your name? ') name = input('My name is ') name = name.title() print('Hello', name + " it's nice to meet you!") time.sleep(0.45) print('I am the Thanatos System') time.sleep(0.45) print('What would you like to do? ') option = input('Your options are Sport, Food...
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    Command Line imports nltk, but Python/Idle won't :( (mac)

    Whenever I use the command, import nltk (Natural Language Toolkit) from the shell, it works and imports nltk as expected. When I try to do so from Python however, I get the following error message: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<pyshell#1>", line 1, in <module> import nltk...
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    Check_mk/nagios intergration with OmniTracker

    I have check_mk server as monitoring solution,and we are planing to introduce Omnitracker as ticketing solutions. Can anyone give me a python or bash example for creating/transfering incidents from check_mk server (Centos7) to Omnitracker (via Web Service) Just examples to get me going...