1. TeaBrack

    QoS Packet Scheduler option is not available

    I tried changing the Limit reservable Bandwidth Settings but the Local Group Policy Editor there is no QoS file under Network
  2. D

    WMM, Ethernet, VoIP, router settings

    I use VoIP to work from home. Our internet package is more than enough to support VoIP... our router is another story. My call quality is terrible. I have done everything (that I'm capable of doing without messing up the router or computer) I can find for troubleshooting. Nothing helps...
  3. H

    QoS setup problem

    Hi. I am browsing the web for this fix and it didnt come up with a solution. My router is from my ISP and when I go to the default gateway site (idk what is it called) there is an option for port forwarding, qos and etc. I tried to do things with my QoS but when I tick the box that says "Enable...
  4. A

    help with Wifi QOS setup

    as the title says i'm struggling to setup the Quality of Service feature on my Comtrend jazztel ar-5387un wireless ADSL2+router (the full product name), connecting to the router shows this dialog : and the actual QOS page looks like this : now actually i have no clue how this works...
  5. C

    How to Setup QOS on the Smart RG sr505N router

    I have a VoIP phone service and I need to setup the QOS of the Smart RG sr505N router; What do I enter for the Minimum Rate, The Shaping Rate and the Shaping Burst Size.. PLEASE HELP!!~