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    "Manage Wireless Network" option disappears from Win 7

    Dear All I have been at this for months and cannot figure it out, as well as find any solution or hint to what a potential fix might be. It started after applying the 2017 October Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 for x64 Windows Update. After the reboot of Windows the WiFi did...
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    Need an affordable computer for Photoshop CS5

    I'm really not sure which thread to ask this in, so I picked this one. I hope that's ok. My old desktop crashed and I will soon be looking to replace it (when the money is available). After asking on another thread about how to repair it, I was given a suggestion for replacing it which made...
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    Windows 10 upgrade sound issues

    Hi, I updated to Windows 10 and ever since I have had a serious issue across all apps with sound distortion, crackling and popping, and even speed variation. I have done everything imaginable to address the issue and seem to have improved it some by updating my audio drivers which took me hours...