1. Z

    Motherboard lights flashing

    I just got done building my first pc and I seemed fairly confident with the end result but when I powered on the pc I saw red light flashing and staying solid for 2 seconds then the lights turned off and stayed off idk if this is normal or not and I was wondering if someone could tell me. I am...
  2. P

    Upgrade my ram

    i have allienware m15 can i make upgrade RAM now is 8 can i make it 16 ?? and if yes u know which one ram should i buy ????
  3. E

    Solved What`s with this message from Malwarebytes about this site?

    I just downloaded the newer version of Malwarebites and when I begin surfacing the Net most everything is being blocked. Saying things such as websites may be a fraud and so forth and so on. I am posting this link that flashed on my page when I logged-in here at tech support guy forums. Any...
  4. A

    Can't run any program

    Actually I can run SOME programs but not all. I cant open regedit, cmd, chrome and so much more important apps. I tried to downgrade my pc from a bootable usb but the problem is, it cant run any program! even the windows installer or the setup.exe! please somebody help me. If you can't...
  5. N

    Building a new PC?

    Hello! If this is the wrong forum to post this in, my apologies. I've just made this account 10 minutes ago and just need somebody who knows what they're doing to answer a few dumb questions I may have. This is just a stupid question about my current PC. I bought a PC off of a buddy, GTX...
  6. P

    How to use SSD full potential?

    Helo every one. I am very new to all to all the computer lingo and stuff so I will try not to sound too stupid. But I bought a laptop today that was a bit under what I wanted to spend so I asked them to install an SSD. The guy then said that the ssd will be put in with the 1tb hdd already in the...
  7. K

    I need answers

    What is the ls option that prints the author of a file? What is the ls option to sort by file size? What is the ls option to list entries by lines instead of by columns What is the option to output the version information of ls
  8. M

    iMac specialist explain this to me PLease!!

    I am trying to buy a cheap iMac that is equivalent or nearly equivalent to a multi-use computer that I want to game and edit on. I came across a old mac pro that has 2 duo core 3.0ghz processors and I wanted to know is that equivalent to a quad core or i3 intel processor. I don't know much...
  9. U

    Any one have Exprience in FortiGate Firewalls

    Hi to all, I am new to this Forum and working as a support Engineer.
  10. K

    Solved Need help with Excel formula

    I attached a picture of the spreadsheet/current formula. I would like to add another formula into cell K101 so that when a value is entered into M101, K101 goes to 0.
  11. wyfwulf

    Can a virus be physically installed when building a computer

    I am looking into having a custom PC built by someone I found on Craigslist, and they seem reputable but I am wary of malware being installed during the building process. I will be purchasing all the parts and giving them to him to build on is own and he will deliver it to me when it's finished...
  12. S

    Video card question

    Hi, Last week I bought a Video Card and a DMS-59 cable on ebay. The video card arrived two days ago but the cable haven't arrived yet. Now the question is can I plug the video card into the motherboard and use onboard graphics temporarily until the cable arrive? Thanks.
  13. licknance

    "A Career in Computers"

    Hello everyone! I've grown up with computers and use to know a lot about them. I still do in someway, but barley to the effect I use too. Recently i've been thinking about going to school, taking some online courses, doing my own studies and researching computers. The thing is, there are so many...
  14. X

    Wondering If My PSU Wattage Is Ok

    Hello. i recently bought a pre-built computer (yes, i know right) and it came with a 400W Cougar PSU. my Birthday is in 3 weeks and i want to upgrade to a Gigabyte GTX 1060 OC and i want to know...
  15. A

    PC is in a constant loop of turning on and off

    Hey guys, so my PC has been doing this randomly for a year or 2 already. When i press the power button it opens up "you can hear the fan" and immediately turns off and goes back on again. It's not the plug or anything like that, ive tried changing power sources but it's not the cause. Any ideas?
  16. Z

    Android Studio-(Java Mission Control) Environment Var. Prob.

    Hi Tech Guy, I am using a Dell Inspiron 2012 Deadhead and wanted to use Visual Studio for C++ programming. I installed the right Visual Studio Community Package and needed to add Android Studio and Java. I had problems, though!!!! ~ I installed Android Studio and Java Mission Control, because I...