rainbow six seige

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    Rainbow 6 lagging for seemingly no reason

    So my brother got a new gaming pc recently and the first game he downloaded was rainbow 6. When we try to play it runs fine for a round or two but then the ping jumps to 200 and it becomes basically unplayable. The build is an HP prebuilt (we know it’s not great) HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop...
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    GPU not working on just Rainbow Six Siege

    On all other games GPU is working well getting 100+ fps and GPU regesting at about 90% but on r6s it's working at about 40% and 50fps, any ideas about what's going on? Acer predator hellios 300 Windows 10 laptop with i7 cpu and an RTX 2060 16GB RAM.
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    getting fps spikes on games such as rainbow six seige ;(

    my specs: i5-3330 3.0ghz nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 2gb 10gb ram ddr3 psu:300w (720p monitor) i just started experiencing this lately where i would get extreme lag spikes, from 120fps to 30 fps and then straight back up if i dont prioritize my game on high the lag wont stop, and i don't like...