ram leak cpu problems

  1. sb2017

    Sudden computer display problem when using big softwares

    my computer has some problems..... After I use my computer after some time it shows annoying screen in the monitor..... It doesn't responds... Then i need to restart it by pressing in the reset button of my cpu..... I am in a great problem.... Who can help me? My computer model is Gigabyte...
  2. H

    ram leak and cpu usage 90%

    Hello, i need some help with my computer. When i play a game called h1z1 my cpu usage is like 30% and sometimes at 90% so it goes up to 4.45ghz when its a 4.20ghz cpu and my ram usage is 90% all the time, in the task manager it says that it is using 7,1-7,9gb of 8gb. All my things in my computer...