ram upgrade

  1. D

    Processor upgrade

    Hi ,i'm dhruv IWant to know that i'm going to market to upgrade my processor to i5 and want to install a 4gb ram , so,can you tell me what will be the approximate cost i would have to pay. I have a pc with ram 2 gb and processor dual core.
  2. T

    Ram upgrade for a noob

    Basiclly im new to the whole pc scene especially when it comes to ram, now im looking to upgrade im on an Intel core 8th gen i5-8400 2.80ghz Not sure about motherboard Im looking to increase my ram from 8gb to 16gb but after reading i got a bit confused, what would be my best bet and what...
  3. S

    Replacing and Installing RAM

    I’m looking to upgrade my RAM inside of my PC, I already have 8gb inside. Would I just be able to unplug the current 8gb inside and replace it with 2 new 8gb sticks? I wanted to check what to do before I go ahead with anything, thanks in advance.
  4. V

    Solved mix ram

    can we use 2 different types of ram together , like 2gb(sdram)+2gb(u-dimm)? i am new! so please help me
  5. T

    Looking for a RAM Upgrade Recommendation

    Hello! I'm looking for a person who knows computers to recommend the correct type of RAM to purchase. I've got 1 DDR3 single channel 8GB DRAM at the moment. Below are my specs for my motherboard, and processor. Thanks to anyone in advance who is willing to help me.
  6. V

    About DDR4 ram

    I have Foxconn motherboard with ddr3 4gb ram and it has an additional slot to put ram. Now can I put 4gb ddr4 ram to this Foxconn motherboard?
  7. T

    Solved Installing Ram same brand different frequencies

    Hey peeps! I just bought another 8gb stick of ram to go with my other 8gb. Whats installed in there right now is the Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200mhz 8gb. The one i purchased is Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400mhz 8gb. My motherboard being a MSI Z170a sli pl. Will The 2400 mhz stick work with the...
  8. J

    Installing RAM - What can I use

    Hello It has been a while since i really paid attention to building or upgrading a PC. Normally I buy a motherboard and processor with RAM that is designed to perform well until I am in need of obtaining a new machine. Therefore I only really need to ensure my Graphics card is up to date to...
  9. V

    Upgrading RAM from 4GB to 12GB: Gaming Performance

    I have HP ProBook 440 G1. I have 4GB of RAM right now. Will it increase my gaming performance after upgrading it with 8GB RAM i.e. 12GB in total. Currently I'm playing Fortnite(Battle Royale) which have high rate of FPS drops. At a moment it's on 60FPS and next it will be on 5FPS. Will Upgrading...
  10. omaewamoushindeiru

    Adding RAM to PC

    I recently discovered that my PC has only 2GB RAM. I have heard that RAM can be added in the PC in the RAM slot. I've made up my mind to add RAM but i don't know which specific RAM i should buy and how to install it. Can anyone help me out with this?
  11. A

    Solved Pl. see if the RAM I'm buying is compatible with my desktop

    Hello all, I've just joined this forum in order to get an expert opinion regarding if the RAM I'm going to buy is compatible with my computer or not. Right now, I've only 2GB RAM and I want to add 4GB to increase the speed. Following is the link to the specification of my desktop computer...
  12. L

    Which rams will work on my mobo. Hp compaq 6000 pro sff

    I will attach pictures, kindly check and tell, is all this rams are same like timings etc. The samsung is currently running on my pc. My hp compact 6000pro small form factor .
  13. Ayush21

    Please Help With Upgrading

    Hellow everyone i am upgrading my pc with RAM so i need help on that can all tell which one is compatible with it ...so here is the information My ram currently in usage :- https://imgur.com/a/TGJWa My motherboard :- Gigabyte H81M-S Ram i want to buy :-...
  14. E

    Solved Problems after RAM upgrade. HELP!

    Hi everyone! I have upgraded my old (2009) Toshiba Satellite A665-s6080 laptop from 4GB (2x2) DDR3-1066/PC-3 8500 RAM to 8GB (2x4) DDR3-1333/PC-3 10600 RAM. After doing so I could not boot computer. BIOS was doing fine, he was recognizing 8GB RAM, however, Windows 7 (x64) Home Premium would...
  15. A

    Is it possible ram swap one computer to next

    Hi there I had a computer (HP) that recently crash after a window ten update. I end up getting old Toshiba from my father however it heck a slow. Is it possible to swap ram from the HP(which is 1 TB and 8GB ram) to the Toshiba without the risk of crashing the Toshiba hard drive
  16. bitspratuj

    System restarts abruptly when adding extra RAM: Win 7/64bit

    I have a Core i3 processor with Win 7 (64-bit) installed. When I use single DDR3 4GB RAM, system works absolutely fine but the moment I add another similar DDR3 4GB RAM, system starts crashing abruptly at any time. I've been dealing with this problem for many months now but haven't been able...
  17. A

    Solved Aspire Timeline U not working after Ram switch

    Hello all, I need help with my pc: It's an Acer Aspire Timeline U, M3 MA50 series. I bought a Kingston Hyperx 8gb DDR3 sodimm ram to upgrade it, and I tried switching the rams but I got a black screen, so I tried switching to the original ram and the screen is still not working, what should I...
  18. K

    ram compatability

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, 32 bit Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 9 Processor Count: 2 RAM: 223 Mb Graphics Card: VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP, 32 Mb Hard Drives: C...
  19. K

    Gateway 820 GM RAM upgrade

    I have a 2005 Gateway 820 GM does it take DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, or DDR4 RAM?
  20. P

    Gigabyte F2A85XN-WIFI RAM Upgrade - Speed Confusion

    I Have a Gigabyte F2A85XN-WIFI Desktop computer I just bought off Craigslist. The CPU tab in CPU-Z says it's an AMD A4 Quad-core, but when I go into my system information on windows 10 it says 1 core (2 logical processors). Right now i have 8gb total ram (2 total slots 4gb each) and im trying...