ram usage

  1. Mudder12

    Ram Leak !

    Hey! i don't know if this is the correct category for this thread but, anyways, i been having issues with my ram usage! everything that i have open just uses an absurd amount of ram. the thing that uses the most ram is my web browser of course, but its too much sometimes using up to 1 GB of ram...
  2. P

    Pc Unusable because of maxed out ram

    Hey you all. Today I've been playing some games on my PC (Amd FX 4300, GTX 1050, Windows 10 Home, 12 gb DDR3 ram) Now my Internet was really bad and I decided to restart my router which caused Guild Wars 2 to crash, due to a missing internet connection. I thought the Program was just acting...
  3. CoolSwedish

    Solved Is this 8GB or 16GB RAM?

  4. A

    In Progress I dont know whats wrong with my pc

    i recently downloaded something and it started to disconnect me From the internet and i uninstalled it and it must of done something because all the games i play i am getting so much lag on Rust ( a game) i would normally get 100 fps but now i get 44 and its unplayable like all my other games...
  5. I

    Can I use a secondary DDR3 1600 with an existing DDR3 1333?

    Hello folks! Just needed to know if I can I use a second DDR3 1600 RAM with an existing DDR3 1333 RAM on 32-bit x64 system running Win 10 pro? I have looked around on the net about this and some places mentioned that the new RAM frequency must not exceed the motherboard frequency. Is that...
  6. ramavz

    Having 8Gb RAM on Windows 10 but only read 4Gb(3.21 usable)

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit Processor: AMD A4-6300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 19 Stepping 1 Processor Count: 2 RAM: 3275 Mb Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 8370D, 768 Mb Hard Drives: C: 195 GB (116 GB...
  7. Q

    6.9 GB RAM usage with no major program opened

    I recently had problems with either lags in a game (minecraft) or a slow opening file exploer in my new pc. I do not believe it is a problem with the game, because when i check task manager, i see memory usage at 80%+ on a 16 GB system. Even after I close the game it remains relatively high and...