range extender

  1. R

    Wifi connected but no internet. I used range extender

    I worked out extending the range of my wifi through a lan cable cat6e and connected to other router's lan port. And that connection is quite unstable. When connected to wifi it shows "connected, no internet" in my android device (and also in my laptop). I suspect may be the configuration while...
  2. R

    Wifi range extender or bridge? Which costs less?

    My house has 3 floors and I'm living in 2nd floor. I'm having a wifi router which emits signal only to the 2nd floor and very weak to emit in the 3rd and 1st floor. I want to know whether wifi extenders are best for my apartment or wireless bridge connection (by connecting the wan cable with...
  3. J

    Advice on my router setup please

    Wi-Fi Question. We currently have our router in the basement because my son wants it for his play station and that’s where his room is. I want to move it up here because the Wi-Fi stinks up here now. So I’m thinking on putting the router up here and running an Ethernet through the wall to his...
  4. M

    My totolink wifi extender isn't working

    I have a TOTOLINK EX200 wifi extender and i had it working until i came back from trip and saw its right light is blinking and doesn't emit any wifi at all (i mean i couldn't find it on the scanned wifi network) and now i cant reset to set on my wifi. pls help me if you know how
  5. nenese

    Range Extender keeps disconnecting from Router

    My Setup: Router: LinkSys EA8100 Range Extender: TP-Link RE580D MAC: RE580D: EE:08:6B:E3:CB:0A PC Connected to RE580D: EE:84:35:C0:9E:8C The RE580D is connected to my PC via cable and has a wireless connection to my router EA8100. Every 10 minutes or so the connection between them drops...
  6. I

    Connecting Ethernet only computer to internet with a modem

    Hey, I've looked everywhere.. But all the content is really old and is only valid for older systems.. To save myself buying a wireless PCI-E card I want to use an old modem to connect my desktop which has Ethernet only capability to the internet. Hopefully by connecting the computer to the...
  7. Saptarshi5683

    Solved Need to connect routers to extend network

    I want to extend my WiFi network range . I am using a D-Link N150 600L cloud router as my one and only primary router. (Link - http://www.dlink.co.in/products/?pid=544) I firstly thought of installing a repeater but came to know that it creates a new SSID and I will not be able to roam with...
  8. T

    Are AV & AC tech compatible?

    Are broadband & wifi extenders and/or repeaters using AV technology compatible with those using AC technology. I've hunted high and low over the net to try and find out but had no luck. I originally was using a variety of BT products to boost my network around my home. The WIFI and WIFI MINI...