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    In Progress .kuus Ransomware corrupted all my files

    So i do not now how exactly it happened , i was watching a movie , and saw that my laptop is getting "Buggy" , when i closed Gom player i saw all my files have extension ".Kuus" . Now i've done a bit of reading and i am aware that this is like Computer difficulty=Matrix , but if anyone knows...
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    I have been infected by Lockbit ransomware

    I have two external hard drives that have been infected by the Lockbit ransomware. I am 17 years old and I had in there thousands upon thousands of files, work and important information that is now encrypted. I have made some research as to how to remove or decrypt my files, but I still have not...
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    Solved Infected by ransomware

    I need some help please! I am infected by some kind of ransomware, and i really need my files back!