ransomware solutions

  1. A

    Infected by ransomware .REPP

  2. L

    Solved Popup that blocks your Computer

    I still get the popup that freezes my computer, calls itself windows.com and wants to help me get rid of malware. I know it's a scam, my wife fell for it and paid them over 600 dollars to get hers going again. How do I block it? All I know to do is reboot.
  3. R

    Can not access media

    May I first say thank you for any assistance you might render. Recently I have been unable to access ANY of my pictures, videos, or music. They are all on a USB 5TB hard drive. Right before the problem started, I attempted to mirror my hard drives (I have Windows 10 Pro) unsuccessfully. In...
  4. S

    New Suspected ransomware, need help in removing it.

    Hi, I have recently noticed that all my files have been encrypted and have the extension .matrix . Clearly this seems to be a case of matrix ransomware and each time I start my laptop, I get the following pop up window: I have installed a couple of antivirus softwares such as Kapersky, Avast...
  5. O

    CryptoPrevent as an alternative for SRP via GPO on Workgroup

    Hello All, Due to huge raise of ransomware virus, I want to add one more layer to computers at our office which are in Workgroup network. As we are not in Domain, I cannot apply Software Restriction Policies Blacklisting/whitelisting applications, so I am searching for easy approach and I found...
  6. lochlomonder

    Ransomware connects victims to fake Microsoft technicians...

    This article is definitely worth reading. Please note: Malwarebytes have also provided a solution for decrypting any affected files, and the link is posted on the sourced article.
  7. D

    New CERBER 3 or 4 ransomware on my laptop, help!

    hi guys yesterday suddenly a README.hta file appeared on my desktop and now a significant part of files on my C drive have been encrypted. I am currently writing from my second laptop, however it is unfortunately my main laptop that I use for work that got infected. I immediately disconnected...
  8. puckducker

    Am I infected with RansomWare?

    While surfing around on firefox, I suddenly had a pop-up window that told me my computer/files are encrypted and I need to pay to have the files unlocked. Unfortunately I did click on the "cancel" button on the pop-up window (with no effect). After, I went into task manager and shut firefox...
  9. Fanyit

    ransomware solutions!

    I find this ransomware solutions accidentally .. Does anyone have tried it or already has experience with that? Here is link for ransomware solutions Welcome to comments