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    RAT through network, powershell, schedule tasks

    Due to suspicious behavior i wanted a clean install of windows so i wiped everything removing all partions. I do not do much on it yet its runnibg hot there are soo many weird processes running in the back ground. Im not a computer wizz but i think they have gained access through the public...
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    In Progress Keylogger/virus on my laptop?

    (Ps: I was not able to do the sysinfo check because I am using my phone.) So, my younger cousin was at my house yesterday and wanted to use my laptop, so I let her. She was on club penguin and decided she wanted a free membership so she googled it and downloaded something which was an .exe. I...
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    New 99.9% sure that I've been ratted.

    Long story short I tried to download something about a month ago and I'm almost sure it was a keylogger In that whole month I did not type any passwords because I have auto hot key scripts that type my username and password for me. Yesterday I had to type my password and in less than 24 hours...
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    In Progress Someone help me. Nasty virus -_-

    This is going to be a long story. So I have avast internet security installed and that can't do much considering I paid $80 for it. In task manager i got about 7 or 10 "svchost" running and i try to end the process but it keeps on coming back I have had it on there for awhile now and my...