1. P

    RAW hard drive

    My hard drive is RAW and every time I try to format it into ntfs using disk management it is not able to and whenever I try it in diskpart it says Virtual disk error: this volume or device is in use
  2. xITmasterx

    Solved Windows XP doesn't read flash drives

    I have tried to enter any flash drive into the PC, but Windows displayed it as RAW, with no memory, and responded whenever I open the flash drive with this "You need to format the disk in drive". I have placed my flash drive in different slots, changed flash drives to check if it would work...
  3. P

    Can't get external drive to show up in explorer

    I was using my seagate external hard drive, but then I tripped over the cord. When I plugged it back in, it didn't show up in windows explorer. It shows up in device manager as a driver, and it sort-of shows up under disk management, but now it says it is in raw format. However, when I launched...