1. Dzjingle

    After new motherboard and CPU, microphone not working

    I upgraded my pc with a new Motherboard and a new CPU. My headset sound still works , but the microphone isnt working. Its a Razer Kraken PRO. I cant find the Headphones in Device Manager Anymore. Any Help? Appreciate it. Max,
  2. N

    Synapse 3 - How to do Macros

    I cant, i just cant... I want to make a toggle macro for shift. I watched some videos on youtube and they all tell me to click record then hold the key and then press again to end the macro but i cant it doesnt let me click it until i release the key!! Seriously what is this !!?? So pls if...
  3. F

    Windows 10 (Requires interactive windows station) Deathadder

    Hi, I've been having some problems lately. I bought Resident evil 7, and apparently there's a glitch where the cursor or mouse just straight up doesn't work in game, and to even get to the main menu you need to click yes or no when it asks to create a save file. Nonetheless, I troubleshot for...
  4. B

    Razer Core Graphics Card Issues

    I recently purchased the Razer Blade Stealth and the Razer Core. My laptop has been running great and I bought an AMD RX480 graphics card to work with my core. At first everything seem to be fine, but whenever I run a game I can only play for a small time before the laptop crashes. I get the...
  5. A

    cant get usb ports to work or update on win10

    for the last 2 days i cant get any of the usb ports to work on my computer, when i go to the device manager to update them it says windows cant find drivers for your device. only time i can even get my mouse lights to turn on are if i restart the computer and dont unplug it, that being said even...
  6. C

    Somewhat broken earphones

    Hi guys, so this just happened to my Razer Hammerhead earphones. They are still working thankfully, but it's really hard to enjoy listening to music with one earphone being like that. I was thinking I may use hot glue to get that to stick but I'm not a tech expert so I don't know. Any...
  7. V

    Mouse intermittently freezing

    Hi all, this is just a copy paste from another forum but I haven't had much luck so far so i thought id try here. My Razer Naga 2012 Mouse has started intermittently freezing. This occurs every 3-5 mins for a few seconds at a time, also sometimes both my mouse and keyboard rapidly turn on and...