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    How do I get my old Windows.old folder back?

    I just had my first upgrade and I was able to get a windows.old folder but I wasn't able to copy everything since I had an emergency. I decided to do it the next day but as I was turning on my PC, my Windows 10 crashed and I couldn't get back to it so I had to reinstall it. I clicked "keep...
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    no laptop internal HD - recovery CD to ext. HD?

    Hello, new user here. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post. My question is: My laptop HD became corrupted, so it was removed for me. I have the Windows recovery DVDs which I made when I initially bought the computer. I want to install windows via the recovery DVDs (booting through the DVD)...
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    Old Toshiba laptop won't start up after Windows 98 reinstall

    I have an ancient (2003) Toshiba Satellite with Windows 98. It worked fine for what it was but no use to me now and I thought I'd prepare it for recycling and (I thought) reinstalled the OS from the Windows CD. After that, all I can get is the opening Toshiba screen, after which a 'This program...