1. appplesxz

    Windows not detecting things i plug in audio jack

    My headphones that worked fine plugged into the normal audio jack on my computer no longer work directly following a windows update I did, the windows update also reset a lot of things about my computer but most were easy to fix, but now no matter what I do my headphones that worked perfectly...
  2. edendewit

    Microphone doesn't work on laptop

    Whenever I try to use my microphone in any app, it doesn't work, even when I plug in my headphones, my headphones get recognized as a playback device but not a recording device (aux). I am using a Lenovo S540-15IWL GTX.(On OS build 18363.1316 and...
  3. O

    No sound through HDMI Monitor - no solution works!

    Hi all! I've bought a new PC, along with a new monitor (as I had a laptop before) and I can't get any sound to come through my monitor using a HDMI cable and/or an AUX lead. Below are my specs: --- Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64...
  4. davidpluseipi

    System hangs during boot after installing PureOS 9 (Ideapad)

    Hi, I'm pretty new at Linux so I'm hoping someone here might be able to help. :) I got a new Lenovo Ideapad Flex 14 and booted from a USB with a pureOS 9 .iso (based on Debian 10), and as far as I could tell the install went fine, but after I removed the usb and rebooted (like you're supposed...
  5. C

    Realtek 8188ee Wifi Adapter Unresponsive

    Hello, Computer was working perfectly fine until it all the sudden froze causing me to do a hard restart. Upon reboot the computer was showing zero wifi networks but was showing in device manager. Attempted to reset per HP instructions but once rebooted after that the Adapter no longer shows in...
  6. H

    Realtek HD Audio Error Code 45

    I'm running windows 10 on an HP Omen and after most recent windows update, my computers internal speakers are unavailable, as are any wired connected audio devices. Sound icon says no speakers or headphones are plugged in. Device manager, under sound, video, and game controllers does not show...
  7. J

    realtek mic not working

    recently i got a problem where my microphone wont work. its not a USB port and has 2 different inputs, 1 for audio 1 for microphone. ive tried many things and bought a new headset but it isnt working so i think its a problem inside my computer. if any1 could help me it would be much apreciated!
  8. 8

    Solved No sound coming from the monitor headphone jack

    Just like the title said, there's no sound coming from the monitor when I plug in my headphone. But when I plug in my PS4 and then my headphones, there's sound coming out of it. I'm using a dvi cable for my pc and hdmi for my ps4. PC Spec: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Processor (YD170XBCAEWOF)...
  9. S

    Broken audio jack

    Hello guys, i find out that my audio jack is broken and i cant use my build-in speakers. I tried updating my drivers, unistall them and reinstall them over and over again but nothing really worked. I heared someone telling that you can use some kind of realtek audio manager to change the audio...
  10. B

    Jack audio devices not detected

    Hey! I recently bought a used motherboard (an ASUS-P8H77-M Pro) and so far I couldn't get it to play any sound. None of the jacks seem to be working, nor front nor rear nor even the microphone. There isn't even a notice if something gets plugged in. In the Playback devices menu (I have Windows...
  11. B

    Can't Install Realtek HD Audio Manager

    I used to have realtek hd audio manager installed a few weeks ago, but recently i went to go change a setting in it and it was gone, so i tried to reinstall the audio driver that supposedly comes with the audio manager, then restarted my pc and it still wasn't there. Please help.
  12. SarahSayers


    Hi Guys, I have just found a Compaq presario V4000 running on windows XP. When I try and start it I get an error message saying media test failure, check cable for realtek. I don't have a windows disc. The error code is PXE-E61 and PXE-M0F
  13. potimus1d

    When installing Realtek my headphones disappear. win10

    So just setup a new build, and the problem im having is, When i install Realtek hd audio, my headphones disappear. They still work but appear as speakers and take priority (i have logitech 5.1 speakers plugged into rear i/o and my headphones plugged into front case panel). I really wanted to...
  14. T

    Solved Slight reverb

    I just bought a new laptop and any audio played has a reverb effect. It's really frustrating and I don't know how to get rid of it. It uses Realtek HD Audio. I've tried updating the driver but nothing happened. No enhancements are on either. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 11 3157 with Windows 10...
  15. H

    Audio Malfunction

    This started yesterday, I plugged in my headphones but could not hear any audio through them. I checked if there was an update for any drivers and there was one for the Realtek HD Audio driver. I updated it and when I tested it the audio blared through one side and was muffled on the other also...
  16. A

    Realtek problem

    Hello, i downloaded realtek from the official website because my headphone mic is not showing in the recording devices for some reason and everywhere i would look they would say to update drivers so I decided to download realtek and install it. But after i installed it and it restarted my...
  17. F

    Headset mic recording sounds through headset?

    I've searched around a lot about this topic, but after hours and days of searching, I've found nothing to fix my problem. I have a headset that has speakers and a microphone (3.5mm jacks) that work fine, except when I'm trying to talk to someone using the microphone, they can hear the sounds...
  18. JustDevilz

    [Audio Problem] AsRock 970 Pro3 R2.0 Motherboard No Output

    Morning, Evening, Afternoon. Who ever reads this, I've got a problem "obviously" I just got my hands onto a New Computer something around a Week Ago, it's meeting all my standarts for the Price. But My problem is that it seemingly doesn't output any sound. The Motherboard comes with the Realtek...
  19. P

    Network card driver problem on Win8.1

    My Win8.1 PC installs driver for Realtek GBE Family Controller and Internet speed is only up to 1MB. I remove the driver and install the one I downloaded from Realtek website and Internet speed goes up to 10MB and everything works fine BUT ONLY until next PC shutdown. When I turn it back on the...