reboot loop stuck

  1. castaway

    My Pc Shut Off and is asking for Reboot

    I built this computer about 2 months ago and it’s been working perfectly fine and today I’m playing a game and switch to my discord and my pc just froze and then the screen went black and now it’s asking a for “reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media”, please someone help, I...
  2. W

    Tried Wiping and Restarting PC via Windows now stuck in loop

    Hi there! I’m really new to this stuff, it’s difficult for me to explain things but I will be happy to give any additional info if needed. I basically did these steps - Settings > Security and Updates > Recovery > Restart this PC > Delete all files option. After waiting through preparations...
  3. D

    Windows 10 Laptop in reboot cycle. Please help! D:

    Hi I currently have a laptop which is having problems while trying to load windows. When I start it up it will try to load then shutoff midway through, then reboot. This cycle continues without end, somtimes it'll say "reboot and select proper boot device" but thats pretty rare. I was wondering...
  4. C

    Computer is stuck in a loop of rebooting

    Hi guys not really a computer guy and I need help I did a computer reset and now my computer wont boot all the way up it just shows loading screen and then shuts off and does it in a loop constant. Any help? How do I fix this please help. It was a custom built so anything would help mee!!!