1. Tostigamer

    PC randomly restarts, what is the problem?

    My PC is randomly rebooting when im playing games. I can only play games on lower settings, but i used to play them on ultra settings. I bought a new graphics card 4 months ago, but I don't know if that could be the problem. What could be the problem?
  2. andythreestacks

    PC reboots randomly

    I built my first PC about 6 months ago. I have not had any issues with anything up until now. Recently, for no reason my PC has been rebooting in the middle of doing simple tasks. For example, I could just open up Microsoft teams or outlook and it'll reboot. I have had it reboot just doing...
  3. Doyafnkickbacks

    Can’t boot Windows 10 from new m.2 nvme drive

    I am trying to install Windows 10 from a USB onto a new M.2 nvme that I’ve bought. I get all the way though the steps where Windows 10 installs itself to the new drive from the USB, but the when I try boot up the computer without the USB drive it says “reboot and select proper boot device”. If I...

    Problems Booting Up

    We have an ACER Pc in our office that holds all our files. On booting up today received a "Reboot and Select proper Boot device" Message. On checking online we followed instructions to got o BIOS setup and checked that the Hard Drive is the first choice. We were also advised to choose Launch CSM...
  5. T

    Pc Wont Reboot

    So I built my gaming pc 2 years ago and haven't had a problem till the other day my pc froze mid game. When I restarted it. It gave me the reboot or select proper boot device and I have yet been able to get it to boot up. My hard drive and SSD is still there and I used a usb to see if maybe...
  6. K

    Solved Windows 10 malware? Stuck in safe mode

    So...where the problem started... My pc started freezing. So I restarted it (happened like 6x times?) . Then I was unable to login into windows. I entered a password and it just said: "Welcome" and thats all. Nothing else. It was just loading over and over again... Then it made into a safe...
  7. F

    PC reboots when playing/launching video games

    Hello! So my PC has started to reboot itself any time I run a video game. I haven't had any similar issues in the past at all. It went from being fully functional to not being able to play games at all over the course of an hour. I was playing WoW last night and the PC randomly rebooted. (This...
  8. Margeipp

    Audio driver keeps failing

    Hi, The problem I am having is that all of a sudden I can't hear any sound, neither youtube, music, Netflix, anything actually. First, it makes a robotic sound, and then I stop hearing anything and the worst is that it happens during work related videoconference, so that is a major problem...
  9. T

    Laptop Constant Unexpected Shut-Down (During Intensive-Use)

    Hi All, For the last year or so, whenever I am undergoing GPU heavy tasks my laptop has been unexpectedly shutting down. I am an architect working remotely and run GPU intensive software for real-time rendering and 3D modelling. When my laptop shuts-down, it's an instant shut-down to a black...
  10. C

    My laptop won’t turn on

    i don’t exactly know where to post this since I just joined but, my HP laptop ran into the blue screen with “we found a problem with your pc and it needs to restart.” Sort of thing, during it typing that out I took out the battery of the laptop and then put it back in and tried turning it on...
  11. M

    Laptop won't boot - new drive installed

    I started trying to fix my labtop, it kept rebooting to BIOS page. AFter 2 computer guys and a diagnostic, it had a drive that crashed, and the replacement drive had been a dud. My asus labtop had passed the diagnostic everywhere but the drive. I get it back with 3rd drive last night, that...
  12. Y

    Computer keeps rebooting (red light on motherboard)

    Hey currently i'm having a problem with my computer, its a 1 year old custom built computer. Yesterday, my computer randomly shutdown while I was working on it and it kept on rebooting endlessly. Only the fans start spinning for a short time then a red light shows up on my motherboard and it...
  13. K

    Solved Your PC ran into a problem

    Hi, So I am trying to boot up my pc however when i boot it up it boots into windows 10 and it gives me the circle dots indicating that it is starting however when it starts it tells me its working on updates once it gets to 94% though it crashes and it gives me the blue screen saying your PC...
  14. P

    Reboot and Select proper Boot Device

    My config is - Win 10 64 Bit i3 4 GB RAM 1 TB HDD Im getting this error on startup " Reboot and Select proper Boot Device". Idk what to do. I want to get to the advanced startup menu but I cant get there. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  15. Z

    Kernel Power

    Hi! I have a problem with pc rebooting unexpectedly everytime I stop doing something that needs a lot of resources. For example everytime I play something (e.g. Rainbow Six Siege, F12018, GTA V) the game runs smoothly with no problem, but when I return to the games menu or when the round ends...
  16. perrijs

    New Dell Computer Shuts Down When Tipped Forward

    So this just happened...I bought a brand new computer from Office Depot. A Dell XPS 8930. As I was about to plug in my headphones to the back of the tower, I tipped the PC forward slightly to get a better view and it shut down. It booted back up, however, curious as I was...I tipped it forward...
  17. T

    No mouse or keyboard recognised

    hi, so I have just system restored my Computer but left my personal files etc so it wasn’t a full reboot. Anyways now my mouse and keyboard aren’t recognised, it starts up but as soon as I get to signing in nothing works?
  18. K

    PC random reboots during gaming

    Hello, I bought a gaming PC from Amazon 2 years ago, and the following issue has always plagued my computer. The PC reboots on numerous occasions such as if I'm watching a YouTube video, or using Chrome and Spotify at the same time, or even Chrome on its own. It happens most frequently when I...
  19. M

    Black screen during Windows 10 reset

    Hey guys! I have an MSI GL62 7RD laptop with Windows 10 that I bought back in December. Earlier today, the touchpad suddenly stopped working. A short while after that, the keyboard failed. Luckily, it still recognized my USB mouse, so after googling the problem for a while, I decided to "reset...
  20. X

    PC reboots itself

    Issue: While playing games watching videos on youtube, my PC decides that its a good time to restart. What happens is the monitor get like a line in the middle (like the matrix is falling apart) afterwards screen goes black and it reaches a moment in which it decides either to reboot or to...