record player

  1. S

    Bluetooth record player won’t spin

    I have an ITUT 420 Bluetooth record player (photo below) that won’t spin no matter what I do. It’s driving me up the wall not knowing what’s wrong with it. I’ve tried unscrewing it and looking at the belt and everything seems fine. What am I doing wrong?
  2. K

    Connecting a record player to a smart TV

    Hello, I wasn't sure if anyone would know anything about record player and TV help here on this site but I'll ll go ahead. I have an old record player that has an optical output, I recently got a new smart kogan TV generation 8, and a kogan surround system that has Bluetooth, hdmi and audio...
  3. B

    Vinyl player issues

    Hi, i've recently picked up a new vinyl player, which requires a 16v adapter, I was told a 12v adapter would work with it, however, the table doesn't turn when switched on using a 12v power supply. How can i check whether there's a problem with the mechanism, or whether it just needs a 16v...
  4. Ja1721

    Victrola Portable Bluetooth Turntable(Vsc-550bt)not spinning

    Followed all the directions and when I move the tone arm, nothing spins. I can sometimes here a sound when I move the arm but nothing is moving.