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    USB External Device Nightmare

    Hello, I am a college student and I record all of my lectures (which are very necessary to me passing) on a Sony IC Recorder ICD-UX560. I have a 2017 MacBook Air (OS Sierra: 10.12.6) and one of my USB ports doesn't work. Well, I decided that this evening of all times (right before midterms)...
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    2 Way Recording via Phone

    I am looking for a recording systwm that I can use with my Galaxy Note 8. Most of what I have found doesn't record the 2nd person only me or it doesn't recording an incomming call. Call Recorder does both, but it is very expensive. I was using Automatic Call Recorder, but since I got the Note 8...
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    EZ Hi-Q Recorder

    I have successfully used EZ Hi-Q Recorder for about five years. Recently, it has begun to skip, that is, streaming audio, when played back, with the app or other players, will contain skips where, say, music will skip a few bars about every five seconds (I haven't timed it). I've tried...