1. V

    Lenovo Laptop Wont Record Sound

    On Monday I spilled some water on my laptop. It's now working fine, except it wont record sound on Adobe premier pro. I use windows 10, and it plays sound out perfectly. But, if I try to connect my mic, it doesn't record any sound. My mic works on other devices though and I can use headphones...
  2. S

    Do voice changing apps save the recordings?

    Do apps like this and this save the audio recordings submitted to them and send it to their database?
  3. R

    Solved The Upgrade

    Hey everyone, Nice to see a good tech website that desires to help. I have a Dell Vostro 270 with the following specifications: OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Single Language, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G2030 @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9 Processor Count: 2...
  4. G

    Solved Hardware Encoders

    So I wanted to ask if there was a way for me to use my video camera that can't stream by default, with a hardware encoder. I'm very new to the subject and want the proper information before making any purchasing decisions.
  5. ilijabasa

    Fortnite streams and recordings

    So I want to stream and record fortnite, but when I stream or record, the video or the stream uses 1 frame every 45 seconds. And I stream and record with OBS. I have tried so many different setting but nothing seems to be working that well. I set up one setting and it wont lag the recording, but...
  6. D

    The unfixable recording software frame drops.

    I've been trying to fix this issue for weeks now and feel like I have tried everything physically possibly. I have been recording gameplay for Youtube for years, almost 4 years, using the same software and settings with no problems until recently. Recently while recording using OBS Studio, I...
  7. G

    (Windows 8 X64) Headset's speakers recording sound

    Good day. I have a very weird problem and I've only found 2 threads about it on the web and they don't really lead to solutions. Here is my Problem... So one day I'm trying to hook my headset up so that I can talk to fellow gamer's when playing online games, and it came to my conclusion as I...
  8. punkkid

    Stereo Mix Not Picking up Sound or Recording.

    Hello, I play guitar and bass through my computer and record with Windows Movie Maker and Audacity from my soundcard using 'Stereo Mix'. I have Windows 10. Everything was working just fine yesterday and I recorded a track. TODAY, Stereo Mix, despite being enabled and set as the default...
  9. CloudyBumblebee

    ISO HD graphic card that'll run on my Toshiba Satellite PC

    Hey, I'm wanting to start uploading gameplays / streaming matches off my Wii U, soon to be Switch, PS4(I know it records but just incase y'know), PS3, and Xbox 360 even. So I'm pretty sure I need an HD Graphic card for good quality, but would my PC be a problem? I got it back in like...
  10. A

    Micro SD memory card-uploading problems

    Hi, I've been making audio recordings of my piano playing for an audition, and I used a ZOOM Q2HD (with a Micro SD memory card) to record myself playing. However, the laptop was not able to detect the memory card. It said "There's nothing to import. We couldn't find anything to import from that...
  11. C

    windows 10 microphone

    Whenever I plug in my headset into my laptop windows 10 automatically switches my microphone from my inbuilt laptop mic to my headset mic however my headset mic doesn't work. I cant set my inbuilt mic to default device because i only have 1 microphone option. When i plug my headset out my mic...
  12. J

    Focus/Vitec FS-H200 video recorder tech question

    Hi all! New to the group and in need of your expertise! I have an FS-H200 recorder unit that the LCD screen on it has suddenly gone blank. It boots up fine--at least seems to--but the splash screen never shows and when it's done booting, the typical menu based display is just a blank gray. It...
  13. C

    Watch back a live webcam

    Hi, I was recording a screen capture today of a live stream webcam on my laptop and the internet froze half way through the video. Is there any way I can retrieve this video? The website is not willing to pass me on the footage. Can anyone please help!?! Thanks
  14. T

    Audio problems when using capture software

    Hi Everyone I am using an Elgato game capture HD and am having problems with the software when capturing the audio, the game capture hardware uses the HDMI audio (the HDMI output is coming directly from my graphics card) to record the gameplay sound. The problem is I leave this disabled as it...
  15. V

    audio playing and recording not working

    so today i got a new face cam, plugged it in, installed the software and it was working well. i got back to my pc a few hours later and now i cant hear any sound or record any with my michrophone. Didnt do anything on my pc in between installing the drivers and getting back on later. So to sum...