1. Mandates

    How to Get Rid of Email on Phone

    Recently My current phone has been destroyed so I switched to my backup phone (ZTE Android). But the thing with my backup phone is that I forgot everything because it has been 5+ years since I've even looked at it. So I factory reset my phone and all seemed to be going great until I had to sign...
  2. A

    Recover from windows 10

    Hello, recently my windows 10 pc went to a problem which stopped windows from booting and i tried many solutions including repair with bootable USB but none worked. I lost hope to repair it. So i want recover some files from it which is hidden. My windows got installed on a ssd. I plugged that...
  3. R

    Deleted word document (moved from Windows 8 forum)

    While writing my book, i deleted the wrong file, long atore short i deleted the most recent version of my book i lost over 50 pages. About ready to accept it as a total loss just thought i would try one last option, is it possible to recover? Its not in my recycle bin i already tried :/
  4. R

    Lost Documents

    Hi all, I'm hoping that someone can help me find an answer to a pretty big problem. While editing a paper in Word, the document closed out. I searched everywhere for it, and followed all the instructions on every website I could find about recovering files. Nothing has worked so far. The...
  5. N


    I really want to recover all my photos and videos that were sent/ I sent through Snapchat. I’ve tried many downloads and I don’t want to pay for any programming. I have an iPhone XR. Can anyone help me
  6. S

    How do I get my old Windows.old folder back?

    I just had my first upgrade and I was able to get a windows.old folder but I wasn't able to copy everything since I had an emergency. I decided to do it the next day but as I was turning on my PC, my Windows 10 crashed and I couldn't get back to it so I had to reinstall it. I clicked "keep...
  7. A


    Hi i was updating my mac from el captain to high sierra (sounds old) and in the process the lip of the mac got closed by my sister now i tried to turn on the mac but it show the folder with questions mark so i tried to use recovery mod to recover my os but the recovery mod have a password that i...
  8. S

    Recovering My Deleted Files (I Emptied My Recycle Bin)

    Hi everyone! A Pleasant greeting, I need help again. So I deleted my files so of course, they went straight to the recycle bin and I emptied my recycle bin but I noticed that one of my important files are missing I need to recover it for my School. I tried the program EaseUs but I need to pay...
  9. P

    How can I backup the BootManager configuration Just in Case!

    I just read a post here from someone who lost their BootManager config, and it reminds me of when I went through that.... Went through it for some unknown reason..? I don't want to do it again, if it can be avoided. MS Office 2007 Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version...
  10. O

    Accessing deleted browser history

    I closed my girlfirends Microsoft Edge browser and all cookies and history is deleted. Lost ton of tabs of sources for her thesis work. What i have tried: -system restore; doesnt work, no points to restore to -command prompt ipcongfig/displaydns does not show any sites connected to, i have not...
  11. C

    Windows Defender quarantined IMPORTANT files from my flash

    Windows defender automatically found a worm infecting all my flash drive files. This was fine, fine being I use this flash drive in on computer at school ever and someone must have uploaded a worm to be "funny", until I plug it into a different computer with up to date Windows 10 and Windows 10...
  12. afactow123

    ASUS Partition Recovery

    Hello, I have recently received an ASUS A53SD-ES71 from a friend. He had formatted the laptop, he without thinking formatted dirve 0 which contains all the ASUS software that is necessary for the computer. He is unable to find the boot disk that should have been included. Upon hitting F9 there...
  13. R

    Lost cookies

    I have deleted my cookies in uc browser how can I recover it??