recovery drive

  1. M

    HDD not showing, what to do?

    Hi! My laptop is Nitro AN515-52 BIOS VERS.: V1.28 MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10 HOME SINGLE LANGUAGE 64-bit PROCESSOR: Intel(R) Core(TM)i7-8750H CPU 2.20GHz HDD not showing after accidentally Created a volume for Intel Rapid Storage technology. What to do? I can't see the drive icon on file explorer...
  2. N

    I installed Windows 10 on my Hard disk instead of my USB

    I realized this the next days, just now, my Disk turned from a normal disk to something weird with another icon. As i had months of work on my disk I'm trying to get those things back using Recoverit, but the problem is my 3.5 Tera Hard Disk magically turned in "ESD-USB (F:)" with only 31.9 GB...
  3. D

    Surface pro 4 - Boot issue

    I bought surface pro 4 and than upgraded the OS to Win 10. after the 2018 win 10 updates, screen flicking issue and than total crashed. now trying to boot from the recovery image of surface pro 4 provided by microsoft, doing all what is asked to do, but after partial win 10 installation, system...
  4. DBoogie

    Data Recovery Drive

    My Laptop won't get back to desktop. Every time I power up it goes to "Automatic Recovery" the screen just goes blank/black. Nothing seems like it's loading, hence after hours even days black screen. Note: Can get to BIOS and load Kapersky Rescue Disk/USB but the Norton Rescue Disk/USB has...
  5. A

    Please help save my studio PC!

    Let's just start at the beginning, shall we? Get ready for a ride. I own a film studio. So we're right in the middle of editing a music vid for a client when the first sign of a virus starts happening. I start hearing an ad for The Incredibles 2. I kid you not. No browser open, just random ad...
  6. R

    Encrypted Computer- Reset

    Hello, I am considering purchasing a Encrypted Desktop PC which used to have a USB KEY for Decryption. The Seller has said that it does not startup without the USB Key. I don't want to recover the data, I just want to be able to boot up the PC and OS on default settings. I am going to...
  7. S

    Lost data on linux installation

    Yesterday I installed Elementary OS over lubuntu. While asked for option to select partition for installation I selected "Delete all apps and data on lubuntu and install" and this formatted my whole hdd and made into one single block of 150gb. I know I should have seleced the custom option but...
  8. L

    Format and reinstall

    Hi. I messed around in the user security permissions and am now unable to access anything. I can't access the disk, install anything and others... How can I format it and reinstall an SO(any is good) with a recovery partition if possible?
  9. C

    Solved Recovery Disk Nearly Full - Pop up message

    I apologize if this has already been addressed, but I did not get any appropriate search results. I'm working on a Dell Inspiron 530. Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10 I get a message that pops up every few minutes stating that D: Recovery drive is nearly full. I know I can't delete this...