recovery manager

  1. U

    laptop recovery failed and stuck on recovery screen

    hp laptop stuck on recovery manager screen during recovery
  2. S

    eMachines Recovery Management (Windows 7 or 8)

    So my daughter has an eMachines computer (el1352-01e) that took a dump after an update. I'm in Italy for the next 3 years so I ordered the recovery disks. They showed up, I have 1 System Disk and 3 Recovery Disks. Simple enough instructions, run the System Disk, then load the Recovery Disks when...
  3. A

    Forgotten administration password help!!

    Hi. I found my old computer tower and I want to go on see what I had on it for old times sake.. but I forgot the password. I tried to go in by bypassing the system. I turn the computer on, go to my boots menu, turn it off, back on again and enter repair mode, and follow all the steps right...
  4. PowerRight

    Solved Recovery Manager .dll Error

    Long story short: I can't get the recovery manager I installed to work. I get the following prompt every time. Hello, I'm having a bit of trouble with my computer. I recently decided to change my operating system to Ubuntu 14.04, which I loved how fast it was and remains one of my favorite...