redirect to scam sites

  1. A

    New redirection

    What is the easiest way to get rid of this redirection problem...? I'm having this problem on Chrome
  2. G

    In Progress Pop up ads

    They just keep coming i removed every toolbar . I unistalled all random applications reset my browser but some ads from albiero keeps popping up . how to stop them this is very annoying i cant even browse anything they keep me redirecting on other sites . They are affecting all my browsers...
  3. starlightlynn30

    In Progress Help! Being redirected to scam sites when searching

    Example if I search for a movie or music title I get on the normal sites and since Firefox updated have been asked to either install search incognito or sent to scam sites(trying to sell crap) and scanned but no virus on laptop but really do not want to lose my book marks, many sites suggest to...