1. X

    D drive is completely gone (Windows 10)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! After reformatting my computer and reinstalling windows through a thumb drive my D drive completely disappeared. I have 250 GB SSD in C drive and supposed to have 2 TB in D drive. After looking at computer management it says I have under Disk 0, which I'm...
  2. D

    In Progress Where to store files before doing a full format on laptop

    I found that there's a virus on my laptop and it's working slow and lagging and I was told that formatting it would remove the virus with better performance as well. But I have very important files like pictures, videos, and all that and I'd like to know where I can put them so I can get it...
  3. E

    WD passport ultra crashed after a large delete attempt.

    My bad, should have done it one folder at a time. Now my pc does not recognize it except as drive e: and will not open it. I am willing to reformat the drive . Will I ever be able to trust this drive again?
  4. M

    Help in formatting..

    Hello! I have a Windows 7 laptop that was given to me by a relative so my son can use it in school. It has been updated to Windows 10. I was hoping to reformat the laptop but do not have the Windows installation disc. My relative did, however, say that the product key of his original copy of...
  5. L

    GPU running much hotter after reformatting?

    I recently had to reformat due to what I think was corrupt Windows files causing my laptop to lag or freeze. My problem is that ever since, my GPU seems to be less efficient at running games, notably Skyrim. Before the reformat, it would hover around 70-80c in-game, but now hovers around...
  6. R

    Keyboard and mouse not working after reformatting

    I recently reformatted my pc but when Windows 10 finished reinstalling there was no cursor on my screen and I could no move my mouse or use my keyboard. The LEDs on my mouse work but not keyboard. I can use my mouse and keyboard on boot up and the BIOS screen. I have tried using another mouse...
  7. P

    Factory Image Restore Error

    I am trying to restore a Dell Inspiron N7110 using the Dell DataSafe Local Backup utility, but am getting an error message "Your hard drive size is not supported for this process. Please use a hard drive at least 3892431873 GB in size." Clearly this message does not make sense. Does anyone...
  8. etchiwapido

    Solved Restoring PC from Windows System Restore folder

    Hi there, so here is my problem, I had to reformat a work laptop due to malware infection, and was able to conduct a full backup using Windows 7 Backup. This left me with this folder structure saved onto an external hard drive: WindowsImageBackup -*PcName --Backup 2016-02-01-112842...
  9. J

    Solved Stuck in endless loop! USB won't boot from BIOS!

    Hello, I have had this problem for several days and have exhausted myself trying to fix it. I've used all of the internet sources I could find but have been unable to fix it. The backstory is I was reinstalling windows 10 and I stupidly switched it off abruptly. I was given an error message on...